As the famous quote goes, beauty is not only skin deep but the hush-hush to a radiant skin goes a lot deeper. It is essential to have a beauty regime as the way you treat your skin before going to bed significantly impact the moment you wake up in the morning. To help you guys attain a radiant and glowing skin we highly recommend these simple night time beauty tricks to lift your game to be able to put your best skin forward:

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-06 at 11.58.50 (2)Remove make up before bed time

First and foremost, no matter how late you have come home after attending a wedding or dinner party. Always wipe up the makeup using a good make up remover to take off all the cosmetics before rinsing it directly with water. As an alternative, you can use makeup removing wipes, a cleanser or one of our tried and tested tricks of using baby oil to do the same. After removing make up, wash your face to get rid of the leftover impurities. 

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