This Monday SiddySays brings you another Giveaway and to win this beautiful lawn suit from Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry ‘s lawn 17 collection.

Anaya by kiran chaudhry

Win this by telling us 3 different ways to style this outfit!

The most interesting idea will be selected and announced on 24th April 2017 on the SiddySays Facebook page. The winner will be picked through a random lucky draw and the decision of the blog will be final!


  1. its very beautiful outfit, I think this for party,maayoun and also we can wear in casual occasion.
    1-for party,,,, I think short shirt with straight pant.
    2-for maayoun,,,,, I think long front open shirt , tussels on Daman and choridar pajama.
    3- for casual,,,, simply midium size shirt with pant

  2. Asmara Shoaib

    I have style short shirt with ghair dar garara
    Second i have designed paplum shirt with loose trouser
    Third i will stich shirt with silk duppata and chori dar pajama and second shirt as it is in picture

  3. Ammarah Sohail

    It can be worn casually as it is with some ear studs, bracelet, a wrist watch with brown heels.
    It can be worn at fun party by wearing belt on the waste with dupatta on one shoulder with a statement necklace ,fun earings and studded flats.
    It can also be worn formally at work with comfortable nude flats, fun earings, a simple pendant with a matching purse and maybe a hair tied up.

  4. Irum Khan

    Style 1 : peek a boo sleeves with knotted pants.
    Style 2: off sleeves shirt with boot cut pants .
    Style 3: mid length shirt with bell sleeves and beaded tulip pants. Hope to win

  5. I can style this Lovely dress as. Follows
    1- Tulip pants with round boarder shirt with piping work in open shirt style stitching !! I pair up this dress with medium heel pumps of sky blue colour , a clutch and earring !

    2- Anar Kali frowk with choori Daar pajama paired up with multi color light earrings and khussa with it .

    3- medium length shirt with sherwani collar neck and cigarette pant along with sky blue heel and sun glasses !!

  6. Memoona abbas

    1. The silk dupatta print is lovely so it can be made into a long kaftan style gown with offwhite jump suit or separate inners. Would look lovely with some gold heels and a thin stylish belt to cinch the waist.
    2. Short peplum shirt but with an angarakha cut keeping in mind the eastern themed print, long fitted and churidaar sleeves, and a fitted boot cut trouser embellished at the bottom with some organza lace.
    3. Good old classic kurta shalwar worn with khussas.

  7. nasreen noor

    Firstly I style this dress in simple knee size shirt with shalwar because these are my types of styles (iam a dadi/nani) woman.
    Secondly I style it with small frock with lots of falls with tight chooridaar pajama.
    Thirdly I style it in front open style which Open in only left side on the point of belly button till full length.
    Hope you like it my these three styles. Hope to win

  8. Fareha

    1. I will use pearl for sleeves with beautiful embroidered trouser which this dress already have.
    2. I will use buttons for neckline.
    3. I will use stones in printed or embroidered flowers.
    Wish to win this time

  9. zahra kazmi

    Three different ways to style it are As short shirt and trouser , with long shirt and trouser or with short shirt and shalwar

  10. Rabi Rubab Shah

    Any simple dress can become more beautiful if it is stitched in a stylish way. The stunning ladies dresses are always in fashion if they are made according to modern style. It has become a culture to wear trendy outfits in functions and other particular events. As a young girl loves to wear new fashion dress in casual gatherings also
    1 This dress is very beautiful already don’t need more cuts just enhance its beauty with buttons,pearls simple ribbons on borders and little plate teqniques… Trousers can also more decorate with pearls .. Add some multi rubbions on duppta
    would put plates on trouser and pearls at neck and sleeves, not much is required…I will attach a bright piping on the base of the shirt to highlight it.
    3..ort A line frock style like rajhistani dress because of front embroidery looks styling with simple round shape neck. Such beeded laces enhances it appearance and some border line is just pipeNE with multicolor banarsi ribbon.
    Straight fitting trouser already having embroidery below is just perfect.
    Really modern touch n styling to wear at any get to gether

  11. Your collection is fantastic it’s colours and designs are classy and perfect for summer collection… I really appreciate your deigns… you always bring some vibrant colours… your prints are really enchanting your designs are really a warm welcome to summer :)

  12. bia mirza

    I would love to use it
    1-in summer party ,use this suit stich it as shown in pic add some bling to dupata with heels (block ones) heavy bracelet and stylish clutch and bold lips
    2-friends get together, use this shirt and trouser with scraf ,high pony tail.strepy sandles add some rings ,dramatic eye makeup
    3-for trip’use this suit shirt stich in style of kurti loose one ,tulip shalwar, crush the dupatta with comfy sneaker ,side shoulder bag,no makeup only natural lipgloss

  13. Saniya rizwan alvi

    1] small frock with lots of falls with ball bottom trouser.

    2]Short peplum shirt but with an angarakha cut with straight pant

    3]Tulip pant with round boarder short shirt

    Hope so this time I’ll win

  14. Amna raza

    1. SHRUG STYLE :- I will Fold the dupatta, depending on how long it is and Pin both the corners of either sides of the dupatta to each other.We have a cute shrug ready to wear over this dress .We can pair the shirt either with straight pants or a pair of jeans
    2. OFF SHOULDER STYLE :- I will wear the dress and tie dupatta on my shoulders.keeping the knot in the front with a bow and pair medium length shirt or short length shirt with a Nice denim jeans

    3.LIGHT JACKET STYLE :- i will Wear dupatta like a jacket with a belt and paired the kameez with gharara will look super chic

  15. I will style up this attire in three different ways
    (1 style)
    I love to stitch it in frock shape with bell bottom baby frill sleeves
    (2nd style)
    Secondly I can stitch it in a short length shirt with boot cut trouser
    ( 3rd style )
    And finall style is straight skinny trouser
    With straight boat neck shirt
    But very very
    first of all luck matters to win .

  16. Maham Abid

    I would style this outfit in following ways:
    1. A knee length straight shirt with cold shoulders paired with cigarette pants.
    2. A medium sized shirt with boat neckline and tassels on the border of the shirt and also at the end of sleeves. Pairing it up with flared or boot cut trousers.
    3. A relatively short sized peplum with pearls or beads all around the border pairing it up with straight pants !!

  17. Maira Waheed

    My way of styling would be a medium length shirt with straight hemline and flared sleeves. I would go with flared pants with this combination as flared cuts are so much in trend this season. My second style would be an aline shirt with plain round neck as it already has embroidery. This would look perfect with a tulip shalwar. And honestly im obsessed with tulips since last summer ! Thirdly, it would be a short shirt with beads on the border of the shirt and flared sleeves paired up with trousers. I hope that would be interesting reply !

  18. Saniya K Rizwan

    I love Anaya by Kiran
    I thought whenever I had this dress I would love to stitch in three ways.
    1.I love long shirts now days I would go for 1 yard white organza and appliwue runner boder on it to give this beautiful dress a super long shirt with a sleek look paired it up with cigarette pants.
    2. I will also give it another look by stitched it in long komino style chined up with beautiful silver belt paired it up with knotted pants.
    3. I woyld stitched in to short peplum shirt white tassels on daaman and small perals beads on neck and sleeves paired it up with pleated zipped pants. Hope you like it.

  19. Sana Faisal baig

    1 I would stitch the it in a short shirt with fitted pyjama.
    2 I would keep the sleeves loose at the wrists and pair the long shirt with ghair dar trousers.
    3 I will change the shirt into a long one (around the ankles) and pair it with a long jorjat dupatta <3

  20. hinaa rafiq

    1 ) A kurti Kameez wear it as a tunic with jeans for casual dress

    2 ) shirt has a pleated front for a modern flared shape with straight pants !!

    3 ) stitch has a fork cuts , Chori pajamas are also part of modern fashion.

  21. Sumaya Hasan

    1: I would style this outfit in a simple yet elegant way. Would use a long shoulder bag and heels/wedges to complement it. The stitching would be simple as its already embroidered but would add tassels on the border and also on the ends of trouser.
    2: Medium length shirt with simple but flared sleeves. The pants would also be flared. Flared pants actually look cool. A handbag can also go well with this attire.
    3: Short shirt with peplum sleeves also looks great. Can add pearls for the embellishment. Tulip pants can complete the look nicely. So pair it up with a nicely stitched tulip pant.

  22. firstly I design this as a medium ankhrakha shirt with tulip shalwar in any party,secondly I will wear this with long shirt and choridar pajama in religious Millad and thirdly wearing short Kurti with plazo for outdoor hangout .

  23. Saira Tanveer

    This shirt has beautiful print and most of all the digital printed dupatta is gorgeous. I would make a an a-line shirt out of it with cold shoulders. For the bottom, i would fo for boot cut pant.
    Another style would be short length peplum top with cigarette trouser. The trouser may be embellished with buttons.
    Lastly, an angrakha style shirt with tulip shalwar would look perfect. White pearls and beads would complement well with the suit. The dupatta as it is pretty.

  24. Fasiha Afzal

    I strongly believe that an embroidered dress shouldn’t be over burdened with heavy styling. This can over shadow it’s beauty. So I would like to try following 3 styles:
    1. Ruffles are so in trend these days so I’ll keep a knee length shirt with feature cut out shoulders having ruffles around it. Straight pants will do fine with it.
    2. Tied knots in pants are also a big style trend these days so I’ll keep the shirt a bit short in length with long fringes lace at the hemline of front and back.
    3. I’ll keep it just the way it is shown in the picture because our traditional cuts are the most beautiful styles once can wear.

    No matter what style I choose to wear, I just want this gorgeous dress in my wardrobe pleaseeeee :-$ :-)

  25. Maliha Yousaf

    This dress is beautiful itself as it is shown the picture but if i win it i’ll try it out in the following styles :
    1. Since it has an embroidered patch for the neck so there’s no such need of designing at the neckline. A simple boat shaped neck would look decent. A short shirt with shalwar (reminding me of good old days) seems very comfortable to me.
    2. Adding a touch of modern cuts, cut off shoulders can add style as well as glamour. Boot cut pants are sooo much in line with todays fashion. So gonna pair it up with boot cuts.
    3. Ribbons look cute and stylish as well. Will add tied ribbons on the sleeves. A medium length shirt with straight trousers. The neck would remain simple boat shaped.
    Overall this outfit can definitely oomph up your look. Really wanna win it!

  26. Fareeha Nasir

    If i would be the lucky winner, I shall design it accordingly :
    * I’m obsessed with peplums these days. So i would stitch it in a peplum style.Its sleeves are already printed so no need to add any laces or embellishments in between. However at the ends of the sleeves, small off white pearls can be added to enhance its beauty. Plain straight pants will look fine with this look.
    * Straight shirt upto knee. Sleeves can be made frilled.Tassels of white or blue color at the end of sleeves, at the border of shirt and also at the end of the pants. Flared pants will nicely pair up with this style.
    * Another style would be an Aline shirt with white crochet lace at the hemline. Simple, round neckline. Tights, churidar or straight shalwar would go well with this one.
    Hope to have this one as part of my summer wardrobe.

  27. Sana Fasial Baig

    I’ll keep it the way that it looks good on everyone. It will be up-to-date and would cater to everyone’s need.
    1 As the common trend today, I would pair the short shirt with fitted trousers. This would be for casual wears like parties or birthdays.
    2 I would add some embroidery on the collar side and sleeves and also add glimmering buttons. The trousers would be simple but there would be embroidery on the ankles, identicle to the sleeves and collar. This would be for wedding ceremonies or formal functions.
    3 I would keep the sleeves half and pair it with a light, jorjat dupatta. The colour of pyjamas will always be light. This look would be for summers.
    Hope you like my ideas!

  28. sabeenksarfrazz

    Your collection is fantastic it’s colours and designs are classy and perfect for summer collection… I really appreciate your deigns… you always bring some vibrant colours… your prints are really enchanting your designs are really a warm welcome to summer :)

  29. hibarehman

    1 I would stitch the it in a short shirt with fitted pyjama.
    2 I would keep the sleeves loose at the wrists and pair the long shirt with ghair dar trousers.
    3 I will change the shirt into a long one (around the ankles) and pair it with a long jorjat dupatta <3

  30. sidrahtulzehra

    A fitting Kameez is a very flattering garment. You can wear it as a tunic with your jeans, make it very short and wear it with your skirt, or even wear it with shorts for a modern take. A sleeveless Kurta with Dhothi pants is my favorite lounge wear.

  31. Tehmina Awan

    1.The kameez can be sewn straight and flat, in an “A” shape design or flowing like a dress; there are a variety of styles.
    2. Modern kameez styles are more likely to have European-inspired set-in sleeves. If the tailor’s taste or skill is displayed, this will be seen in the shape of the neckline and the decoration of the kameez.
    3. The kameez may be cut with a deep neckline, sewn in diaphanous fabrics, or styled in cap-sleeve or sleeveless designs.

  32. Hira Abdullah

    Im so into tulips so firstly, i would design this suit with knee lenght shirt and tulip pants with flats.
    Secondly i a short but lose fitted kurti and straight pants with high heels
    Thirdly i would go with the long shirt belt around the waiste, loose sleeves as in the original design and some chic styled sandals following fitted jeans, tights or pants, and of course our tessel earings.

  33. Shama perveen

    Lovely outfit.
    I prefer first to stitch in long shirt with choridar pajama.

    Paplum shirt with bell bottom paint

    V shaped Daman shirt with cigratte paint

  34. 1. Peplum short shirt n peplum trousers
    2. Regular length kurta n tulip pants
    3. Cold shoulder kurta n straight pants

    Adding pearls, n crochet lace on hemline n sleeves n tassels on dupata

  35. Nida Tameezuddin

    1. Will make a flared long front slit opend shirt with capri pants.
    2. Will make a short angarkha style body peplum shirt with gharara pants.
    3. Third would be a short straight shirt with bootcut pants.

  36. 3 styles are as follows :
    1. Short shirt with full sleeves plus gharara pants
    2. Long shirt with half sleeves plus straight pants
    3. kaftaan style shirt with choridar pajama
    Done.Deeply wanna win inshaa Allah

  37. Sairah Arif

    1. Knee length shirt having 3/4 length sleeves paired with straight pants and dupatta with tassels on it’s boundries.

    2. Tunic with full length bell sleeves paired with flare pants and dupatta with tassel details

    3. V neck kurta with short side slits and 3/4 length sleeves paired with ghagra pant and plain dupatta

  38. Tasleema khatoon

    1) Frock style willl give the decent look and we can wear it on party too :)
    2) chori dar pijama suits on frock style
    3) Sleeves would be full

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