Our Summer Giveaways continue this week with Maria B Lawn. Maria chose the television starlets Urwa Hocane ane Mawra Hocane as the face of her campaign this year.

Speaking about the brand’s new Lawn campaign, Maria Butt, CEO MARIA.B. said, “After the success of our Arabi Lawn collection last year, we have been really looking forward to further enhancing the designer Lawn experience for our patrons! MARIA.B. Lawn 2015 consists of diverse designs and colours which we feel will provide a new look to our fashion savvy customers. Our design work and prints are inspired by motifs and patterns from centuries-old civilizations providing a fusion of cultures and adding a timeless element to the designs. We were also very selective about the fabrics we chose. We wanted fabrics of the finest quality to complement our designs and give our lawn the kind of quality that our customers expect from the brand.


If you want to WIN a Maria B Lawn suit of our choice in a lucky draw all you have to do is:



2. Tell us what you’d like to ask Maria B if we get the chance to interview her for SiddyTV? 


Please write your Vimeo/ YouTube name by which you are following us (even if you’re following from before) and the question in comments below.

The winner will be announced on Friday, 10th April on the SiddySays Facebook Page – As always the winner will be picked through a lucky draw and our decision will be final! ;) xx


  1. sadaf zaka

    i would like to ask her abt her customer service..why they dont accept claims on their suit after sale ..?

  2. Afsana prasla

    Question: Which Hollywood Actor you love to have your show stopper for your collection?
    VIMEO : Afsana prasla
    YOUTUBE : Afsana prasla

  3. Maryam naeem

    I would like to ask Maria which print has been her favorite in her latest lawn cilllection?
    Vimeo name via Maryam Naeem.
    I hope this chooses new <3

  4. sunaila pirzada

    my vimeo name is Sunaila pirzada
    my Question is: Why she choose Urwa hocane And Mawra hocane for this campaining

  5. rabia

    Vimeo name : rabi nisar
    I would like to ask Maria B of her journey in this industry so far. Did it gave her tough times? And what did she learned from her? Share her experience for the next generation.

  6. Hina momin

    My youtube id . hina momin
    My vimeo id . Hina Momin
    I would like to ask Maria B Where would you like your career in fashion to lead you? & what is your inspiration in Designing

  7. Kinza Arshad

    Ill be asking her
    Is this the what she always wanted to do,did she wanted to become a designer since always
    Youtube : Caprik95
    Vimeo :Caprik9

  8. hina rafiq

    My youtube id name is. hina rafiq
    I would like to ask maria What were your inspirations for the designs you created for the shoot ?

  9. rubina ruby

    My question to maria would be
    Can you describe the process from concept to design and finally the print that goes behind the scenes, do you’ve brainstorming sessions? How does inspiration strike you to design your collections?
    vimeo name : rubina ruby

  10. kinza javed

    Question: I would ask to Safinaz Munir that who is your favorite Model for your designing clothes?
    vimeo : kinza javed

  11. nisha prasla

    My Vimeo name is nisha prasla my question for Maria B is “keeping in mind about customer preference what would be your next collection ?

  12. Kanwal Abbas

    Vimeo name is : Kanwal Abbas
    My Question is what’s the favourite colour combination for summer & explain word life in three words

  13. almas rehman

    I would like to ask her which culture is she most inspired and fascinated by? And why?
    Also her favourite cuisine
    my vimeo id is almas rehman

  14. Afsheen Kureshi

    VIMEO NAME:- Afsheen kureshi

    Q:-Do you think an education in fashion is absolutely necessary for a designer? Why?

  15. Asma Mehmood

    vimeo: asmaM
    my question for Maria.B is that how she feels when her designs get copied and replicas are widely available in market at low cost with cheap quality?

  16. dolly nadeem

    Vimeo=dolly Nadeem
    Hi maria how are you?I am a big fan of are simply amazing.. I would like to ask you that how do you stay on top of current design trends?What things do you not like to do?
    You are doing a great job..i love ur designs ..keep it up and best of luck!!

  17. nimra

    i would like to ask that how come she is able to have such marvellous ideas ..altough prices are high bt yet there is nothn compared to her designs

  18. sundus Hashmi

    what was that keen thing about mawra and urwa that made maria b. pick them as her brand ambassador for lawn campaign 2015? :)

  19. sundus Hashmi

    Vimeo Name Sundus Hashmi

    what was that keen thing about mawra and urwa that made maria b. pick them as her brand ambassador for lawn campaign 2015? :)

  20. Maria i am a big big fan of ur designs :* :) <3
    still drooling over ur lawn collection 2015
    what are the things you keep in mind while designing lawn ?
    who is your current inpiration in fashion world ? :D :)

    my details are

    face book – instagram – vimeo – Falak Arsalan

    wish to winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn <3

  21. Zakia Bano

    My vimeo id Zakia bano and my question is “What do you think is your strengths and weaknesses in the art of fashion?”

  22. Faceha Afzal

    My question is that what made you come into fashion designing and how hard it is to achieve your career goals while being a mother?
    Vimeo name is Faceha Afzal

  23. Tasneem Tirmizi

    Vimeo Id: tasneem tirmizi
    Question to Maria B : What do you think Maria B makes you different from other designers and how do you think your style has evolved over the years?

  24. amna farooq

    My vimeo name is amna farooq.mari b i am biggest fan of urs designs n ur evergreen beauty.u r a pioneer of fasion industry.i would like to ask dat how was ur experience working with mawra n urwa????

  25. Sadia Khalil

    Vimeo Name :Sadia Khalil
    1.My question is what do do think is that one thing that makes you different from all other lawn brands?
    2.What are your plans to introduce your lawn to western market ?

  26. sadaf fatima

    I would like to ask maria b.who is your inspiration in this fashion industry? And which things you think before designing lawn prints because your lawn prints are really innovative and beautiful
    Vimeo sadaf fatima

  27. donia jabeen

    Id like to ask maria abt her favourite designers that have inspired her at all in her journey towards becoming one of the top designers ever?
    vimeo : donia jabeen

  28. Minahil Eiman

    My Vemio name is : Minahil Eiman
    My youtube name is : Minahil Eiman
    My Question is : How do you dress personally? What is your fashion statement?

  29. Minahil Eiman

    My Vemio name is : Minahil Eiman
    My youtube name is : Minahil Eiman
    My Question is : How do you dress personally?

  30. umera nisar

    Youtube name= Umera Nisar

    Hello I would like to ask Maria.B, does she plan on opening a store in NY USA please.

  31. Minahil Eiman

    Vimeo name: Minahil Eiman
    Youtube name: Minahil Eiman
    Question is: how do you dress personally? What is your fashion statement?

  32. faryal rehman

    question is :I’d definitely want to know her success story and what inspires her??
    vimeo id is faryal rehman

  33. aisha khurshid

    my u tube name:aishakhurshid
    i’d just tell Maria B that i love her and her clothes!! And would love to win a suit from her <3

  34. Anam Aqeel

    I want to ask Maria B that why she cloose Hocane sisters for her campaign?
    Thank you.

    Vimeo/Instagram/Facebook: Anam Aqeel

  35. Maria B, your name is enough for a mid 20’s girl, you’ve entirely change the look of woman is Pakistan, very empowerIng! I want to ask that how come you rock the ideas of infusing contrasting colors so well and make it contemporary! ?
    Name: baasmaobaid

  36. Aliya Nasir

    I would ask her from where she got the inspiration to be a fashion designer? And i love her clothes just that they are expensive :p
    Vimeo name: aliya nasir

  37. Lubna Farhat

    Vimeo name Purple Crab

    Who is your favorite lawn brand other than your own? Do you get inspiration from your fellow designers in the same business?

  38. I would like to ask her ”ur daughter is so cute.. how she becomes the source of inspiration for u in all ur creativity and how do u manage of being such a great mother and successful designer at the same time?
    Vimeo name: sidra jahan

  39. my question is
    n ew fashion fobia is increasing more
    every one who can hold the pen is calling herself/himself designer
    do u feel upset when u see people like fake designers around u
    i personally dislike when film actors star designing
    so my question to maria is how much u get depressed nd what ur suggestion for them
    loving all siddysays

  40. Yusra

    Vimeo name: Yusra Ishtiaq Elahi
    Question: how has your career changed or affected you in the long run? Do you see yourself as the same person you were when you started your career?


    Question: Hows ur experience with these hocane sisters and how you rate them with the other models of your brand??
    Youtube name: IQRA M. JUNAID

  42. QUESTION: My question is what led you to decide to select HOCANE sisters as your brand’s models ……. which thing you like the most about working with them?


  43. Ayesha Imran

    Hy Siddy
    Subscribed to your channel by the name of Ayesha Imran
    My question to Maria B would be after doing bridals, luxury pret and lawns collections, when does she plan to design clothes specifically for working woman, a niche not exploited yet by many designers?

  44. Zainab Hashim

    Hi. I’d love to ask her that as someone who has graduated from PIFD and has worked so hard to create a brand, how does she feel about so many new designers who have entered the industry without prior experience or education in the field? Does she feel that fashion education is important in order to succeed as a fashion designer in this market?

    Vimeo name: Zainab Hashim

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