We bring this very beautiful unstitched suit by Nourhan in this week’s giveaway

nourhan giveaway

Win this by telling us why you should win this outfit?

The most interesting and good idea will be selected and announced on 12th June 2017 on the SiddySays Facebook page. The winner will be picked through a random lucky draw and the decision of the blog will be final!


  1. Asra

    Hii there!

    Hope you’re well and Ramzan is great. I wanna win this jora should gimme Eidi. Cos.
    (A girl has no Eidi.)
    Also it’s by Nour and das my middle name. I hope you see we click!


    Love and regards x

  2. Sidra Qureshi

    I want to win this outfit because I have already won the previous giveaway and you haven’t sent me that yet.
    P. S I love this colour absolutely and its intricate embroidery and floral print and it is going to look absolutely gorgeous on me. And because Nourhan’s outfits are very classy and it’s going to be a best thing to wear this Eid.

  3. Narmeen

    I should win this outfit as its one of my favourite Nourhan by Gohar Textiles collections their collections are so colourful and reflects excellence over quality fabrics and embroidered detailing into the world of lawn textiles their collections are blend of floral embroidery dresses and digital prints which ultimately gets attracted by people so as i this outfit is one of their amazing collection which can be wore on eid specially as it have embroidered neckline, pure tissue silk dupatta and digital printed lawn which would make a perfect combination any occasion and would make my eid perfect

  4. Hani hani

    I would love this outift because it is from one of the best clothing brand of pakistan nourhan by gohar textiles which presents beautiful collection charming designs alluring blend of style and elegance and finest quality fabrics basically Nourhan is a Turkish word for “light of sun” exuberating energy wherever it fall, It perfectly define a women who is beautiful, confident and charismatic just by winning these three words would reflect my personality and by this i can feel myself remarkable

  5. I want to win this beautiful dress for myself because I want to wear it on Eid , as I am still not purchase something for me and during fasting it is a hard task to grab your favorite dress , as I already love this design and color , so by wearing this I will be looking stylish and gorgeous on Eid !! Meethi Eid will become more sweet

  6. Irum khan

    I should win this outfit because firstly , its perfect for Eid , due to its pastel colour , light embroidery and summer feel.
    Secondly , i always try but never have won anything on your blog.
    Thirdly , this tome i am feeling lucky

  7. Hira Abdullah

    Because its one of their bestseller outifts, im eyeing for this one and the asymmetry is everything im about these days, secondly ive beem missing out on grey clr this season so it’d be a nice addition to my festive collection, lastly i believe it has the silk dupatta to it which again is something im missing in my wardrobe
    P.s. let me win this for eid?

  8. Amna raza

    As eid is coming and i still havenot bought a single dress for eid so I would love to win it for my eid day …As lawn prices are getting higher every year so I wasn’t able to buy a single dress because I am a medical student and I had to pay my semester fee and after submitting tuition fee , I haven’t enough money left to buy a good lawn dress because most of the lawn dresses cost you 6k plus and i m not in a position to buy such expensive winning a dress from you will be a little treat for me

  9. Talha Khan

    i should win because i have never won something specifically for my mom probably people give the gifts to females only since the gift is for them. I wanna give something to my mom. you have probably noticed on few of your previous giveaways about me wanting to win for my mom. It would be so cool if i win for my mom. Thanks

  10. Uzma inayat

    I love this dress because of its beautiful and soothing colors combination perfect for summer ,floral texture , delicate embroidery will extinguish fire of this summer with this beautiful dress .Best gift from Nourhan for observing fast .

  11. Shama perveen

    Beautiful design by my favorite brand nourhan.
    I definitely wannnna win it because during this month I m suffering sickness like fever n etc. So couldn’t go to market to do shopping for eid. So it’s great chance to take this for my eid day Celebration.
    I’m really feeling grateful if I won this.
    Kindly remember me in your best list

  12. ushna sohail

    It has a beautiful colour palette and just the right amount of embroidery. I would love to own this beautiful suit .

  13. Hira Hamayyun

    Firstly…I never had any outfit from nourhan or gohar textile
    Secondaly…..I never win any lucky draw
    Thirdly…it’s my birthday on 12 june
    Fourthly….I know i will not’s all waste of time this time again…
    So i shouldn’t b excited….
    ……………INNER PEACE….

  14. Nabiha Riaz

    Cool colours always look beaitiful in summers the perfect blended combination and fine light embriodery enhance the beauty of this suit so its apeals me to win this suit and its perfect for eid occassion and parties so i wish it will be mine and i will wear on eid

  15. maheen mumtaz

    Plz give me that jora because I just can’t wear those 2 bachon ki maa waley lawn k suits which my inlaws are going to buy me, , because mera ek hi bacha hai,

  16. Not lie, I just expressing my emotions that when I see this Dress on Instagram I really mesmerized.Cool colour with eye-catching Flora design,Fabulous Neckline.Classy Embroidered trouser and fantasy style Silk dopatta . If I win I am sure I will look like a fairy on this Eid.
    Nadia means: ” Caller ”
    Nourhan means:” light of the sun ”
    ” So I am calling light of the sun “

  17. Saniya rizwan alvi

    What a wining combo I love the color combination I was expecting white trouser with this dress but when I saw complete picture I was astonished to see how Nourhan brings so much color in one dress impressive admirable its a summer must have.hope so this time m lucky one in sha Allah

  18. donia jabeen

    This week’s giveaway is very exciting :) Thank you Siddy for this opportunity! I want to win this giveaway because I like this color and design .Its such a treat for all the women out there. would love to win this awesome givesway

  19. Anum Ahmed

    I should win this outfit because my eid dress is still pending. I find my type of dress everywhere and at one shop I open atleast 40 packets of dresses of different brands but I loose my mission lol. At the end I bought one dress because my mother forced me “Ke kuch tau Lo” but I don’t like my dress so much tbh so it’s amazing for me if I win this dress by Siddy Says

  20. Maryam Naeem

    Since the Eid is coming, I want this dress to be My Eid dress. Being a full time house wife and being the caterer of the whole family on Eid, most of my Eid day is spent hoping in and out of the kitchen; which is why i need a dress that is comfy and stylish(hey its Eid) at the same time and this dress fulfils both of my requirements..

  21. Saniya K Rizwan

    According to Coco Channel a girl must be two things classy and fabulous.And I should definitely win this Nourhan’s dress because it makes me classy and fabulous.

  22. Mehreen Chandan

    I hope to win this dress as I am going to give it to my best friend who has bravely battled depression and bi-polar disorder and is now seeing light at the end of the tunnel (There is always light at the end of the tunnel.)

    This win will be for her and not for me.

    So please please let me win this dress.

  23. My birthday is coming so its the best treat for me on this Eid & on my Birthday as well if i won this super cool outfit by Nourhan
    I’m honoured to be a part of this contest
    Done with all rules.Deeply wanna win inshaa Allah

  24. Its my biggest wish to have Nourhan outfit in my wardrobe because of Great Quality ,Pretty Designs,Reasonable price,Vibrant Colors All at one place with . All dresses are beautifully designed with attractive colors & this one is just master piece . i really wanna win for this Eid. Hoping for the best

  25. Fasiha Afzal

    I should win this beautiful dress because:
    1. I have never worn this combination
    2. I want to feel as beautiful as this dress
    3. I want to stand out of the crowd
    After all its and EID around the corner and what can be more beautiful gift than this dress to myself:-)

  26. They say the difference between want and need is ” self control ” but who cares about self control when you have a chance to add this piece of beauty to your wardrobe.I not only WANT it,I NEED it !!

  27. aysha sameer

    omg.. what a beautiful dress, very soft color and amazing embroidery . love to have this dress as eidi from siddy says.


  29. Fatima kashif

    Because it was beautiful Trendy and elegant dress. I really like this and want to win this for eid …if i won i will be feeling very happy and lucky… tht is precious gift for me…

  30. Noor Hashmi

    I want to win this outfit because pink is my mama’s favourite colour and I would love to gift this to her as it will only bring a wide smile on her face. (:

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