Year after year, we look forward to the biggest fashion event in the country, which has continued to raise the bar for everyone associated with the business of fashion. Before the next installment of PSFW kicks off tomorrow, we want to start the festivities by recognizing those who have been at the helm of things, and responsible for the PSFW Platform to grow. We spoke to them about what they thought of the 10th PSFW, here is what our heroes of PSFW had to say!

MRs. SaigolSehyr Saigol, Chairperson of the PFDC

“I believe fashion and the retail/showcase of it are always in a state of growth. It is therefore of critical importance that we as the Council respond to change as it happens and in fact lead the evolution where possible. So whether be it to integrate the concept of independent, solo showcases within the folds of fashion week, pioneer a new concept of duo shows, introduce two independent show spaces et al. We have through the years set a precedent for change in order to better structure the discipline of a fashion week. This year we are delighted to take this belief to a new standard as we bring in a team of international experts to produce our show. We look to work on the definition of a new standard of how design can be presented, bearing in mind our ultimate aim, which is to further the business of fashion. We are as always extremely grateful to our teams from production and direction. Our founding member HSY, all whom have worked tirelessly through the years to make our fashion weeks a success and bring us to where we are today.”

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