Meet Amna & Sadaf

Team SiddySays

Best Friends and Partners-in-Crime,Sadaf Zarrar & Amna Niazi are the force behind SiddySays. Working women,wives,moms and now bloggers,Amna and Sadaf met 15 years ago when working in advertising and have been inseparable since. While Sadaf started the blog in 2011,Amna stepped in to make it bigger and bolder and together they shaped what is now one of the most prominent fashion and lifestyle blogs in the country.


One of the leading marketing professionals in the country,Sadaf currently heads the Integrated Marketing Communications function for The Coca-Cola Company in Pakistan. With over 15 years of marketing experience under her belt,Sadaf describes herself as a marketer by the day and blogger by night. 'SiddySays is a labour of love for me,it's like my second child...' says Sadaf about the blog. Combining her marketing experience,with content writing she did at the beginning of her career and the years spent hosting on TV,'SiddySays is the amalgamation of everything I know and love' says Sadaf.


Managing Editor and Partner in SiddySays,Amna is at the helm of the day to day running of the blog and the content showcased on it. 'SiddySays is where I channel my love for writing,debating and marketing all in one',says Amna who is a literature student turned advertising guru before she committed to taking charge of SiddySays full time,has helped turn SiddySays from a personal diary to a digital enterprise. 'I don't see SiddySays as a website,but more as a school of thought... Everything we do at SiddySays subscribes to this be it styling,videos,commercial content or the blog'.