Sadaf Zarrar


I love dressing up for Eid, it’s the single dress up occasion that I love and plan for. It’s been like that since I was a child, and I love to uphold that for my daughter as she grows up. This essentially means that I do actually give what I want to wear a thought and figure a look before the day. Sadaf Zarrar

The challenge this time was simple… 1. Summer 2. Humidity 3. Day Wear 4. Effortless – the answer came together perfectly in this ‘Pastels‘ outfit. What you see if a three piece single colour outfit which can be worn together as I’m wearing now or as separates later. Sadaf Zarrar

Messy curls have been my formal hair look for sometime now since I bought the curler and pairing it up with simple off white clutch and heels did the trick. The final finish on the look was given these Zarq earrings that are my go-to for understated glamour. Sadaf Zarrar

Sadaf Zarrar


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  2. Rameez

    This outfit certainly reflects the personality of Sadaf, which explicitly explains that she undoubtedly knows how to carry herself and mould her looks and wear accordingly keeping in view the scenario. Good job sadaf.

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