Lux Style Awards

The Lux Style Awards 2014 Nominations are in… Love it or Hate it. Question it or believe in it. One thing is for sure, Lux Style Awards is the most prestigious and well established forum of its kind in the country today and our fashion and entertainment industries would be lesser if it did not exist.

And now here we are… the 13th Lux Style Awards despite the usual controversies that surround any award show in the world is not only back but seems stronger than before. Thank God for Lux’s resilience over the years… After years of watching the show on Television, and then sitting in the audience, I had the honour of being invited to the fashion jury this year. In many ways it was eye opening.

The panel comprised of some of the biggest names in fashion & lifestyle journalism in Pakistan, representing established publications. Given the rise of the digital medium, bloggers had been invited to this panel for the first year. As a freshie, I did spend hours going through shoots and shows from 2013 before I landed in the jury room full of people who spoke fashion as their first language.

Lux Style Awards Nominations Lux Style Awards Jury

From Left to Right: Andleeb, Raheel, Zurain, Fateshteh, Aamir, Sadaf & Aamna.

For someone who walked in not exactly knowing what to expect, one thing is for clear – no one person can decide the fate of a nominee let alone a winner. The second thing that is to be expected is a LOT of arguments (not the I’ll kill you types but everyone does pitch in for anything they feel strongly about), the third thing is that nothing is to be taken for granted, if needed anything and everything will be questioned be it the categories, or the nominees or the portfolios or those who never submitted theirs.

I just wish people paid more heed to their portfolios, the quality of portfolios, formats etc was quite disappointing and while I understand the ‘work’ speaks for itself etc etc,  well presented work automatically commands more attention.

Anyway, long story short, under the supervision of the ‘auditors’ we rated each nomination for different attributes and interestingly no one knows who came on top because we haven’t really seen the other jurors sheets. The show will be exciting to watch to see how comes out on top this year.

For now, enjoy the nominations:


Fashion Nominations

Model of the Year (Female)

  1. Amna Ilyas
  2. Cybil Chowdhry
  3. Fouzia Aman
  4. Nooray Bhatty
  5. Rabia Butt

Model of the Year (Male)

  1. Abbas Jaffri
  2. Athar Amin
  3. Jahan-e-khalid
  4. Rizwan Jaffri
  5. Waleed Khalid

Best Fashion Photographer

  1. Abdullah Harris
  2. Guddu Shani
  3. Maram and Abroo
  4. Nadir & Maha from NFK Photography
  5. Rizwan ul Haq

Best Hair and Make-up Artist

  1. Maram and Abroo
  2. Nabila
  3. Nighat Misbah for Depilex
  4. Raana Khan

Achievement in Fashion Design – Pret

  1. Body Focus by Iman Ahmed
  2. Khaadi
  3. SanaSafinaz
  4. Sania Maskatiya
  5. Sublime by Sara Shahid

Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Pret

  1. Ali Xeeshan
  2. Elan
  3. SanaSafinaz
  4. Sania Maskatiya
  5. Shehla Chatoor

Achievement in Fashion Design – Menswear

  1. Ahmed Bham
  2. Fahad Hussayn
  3. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin
  4. Nauman Arfeen

Achievement in Fashion Design – Lawn

  1. Elan
  2. Fahad Hussayn
  3. Faraz Manan
  4. SanaSafinaz
  5. Sania Maskatiya

Best High Street Brand

  1. Daaman
  2. Gulabo
  3. Khaadi
  4. MK Nation
  5. SanaSafinaz

Best Emerging Talent

  1. Amna Babar (Best Female Model)
  2. Azeem Sani (Best Fashion Photographer)
  3. Mahgul Rashid for Nasreen Sheikh (Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Pret)
  4. Natasha’s Salon (Best Hair and Make up)
  5. Tabesh Oza (Best Male Model)

Film Nominations

Best Film

  1. Main Hoon Shahid Afridi (Producer: Humayun Saeed & Shahzad Nasib)
  2. Siyaah (Producer: Imran Raza Kazmi)
  3. Waar (Producer: Hassan Waqas Rana)
  4. Zinda Bhaag (Producer: Mazhar Zaidi)

Best Director

  1. Syed Ali Raza Usama for Main Hoon Shahid Afridi
  2. Azfar Jafri for Siyaah
  3. Bilal Lashari for Waar
  4. Meenu & Farjad for Zinda Bhaag

Best Actor

  1. Gohar Rasheed for Seedlings
  2. Humayun Saeed for Main Hoon Shahid Afridi
  3. Khurram Patras for Zinda Bhaag
  4. Mohib Mirza for Seedlings
  5. Shaan Shahid for Waar

Best Actress

  1. Aamina Sheikh for Josh
  2. Aamina Sheikh for Seedlings
  3. Amna Ilyas for Zinda Bhaag
  4. Hareem Farooq for Siyaah
  5. Mahnoor Usman for Siyaah

Music Nominations

Best Album

  1. Mushroom Cloud Effect by Adil Omar
  2. Piyas by Jal
  3. Sargoshiyan by Saturn
  4. Yaran Di Toli by Rizwan Ali

Best Music Video Director

  1. Adeek P K for Waris Shah by Asrar
  2. Adnan Kandhar for Mein Sufi Houn by Sketches
  3. Adnan Malik for My Punjabi Love for you by Bambu Sauce
  4. Yasir Jaswal for Akhri Bar Milo by Shehreyar Mirza
  5. Yasir Jaswal for Bolay by Uzair Jaswal

Best Original Sound Track

  1. Aaron Haroon Rashid for Burqa Avenger
  2. Hassan Waqas Rana for Waar
  3. Humayun Saeed & Shahzad Nasib for Main Houn Shahid Afridi
  4. Mazhar Zaidi for Zinda Bhaag
  5. Promax Media for Mujhe Khuda Pay Yaqeen

Best Emerging Talent

  1. Bell
  2. Disbelief
  3. Fables of Cantt
  4. Shehreyar Mirza
  5. Soch

Song of the year

  1. Bolay by Uzair Jaswal
  2. Har Zulm by Sajjad Ali
  3. Jeet by Qayaas
  4. Khair Mangdi by Bilal Saeed
  5. Malaal by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

TV Nominations

Best TV Serial Satellite

  1. Aunn Zara on A Plus (Producer: Shahzad Chaudhry)
  2. Daagh on ARY Digital (Producer: A n B Productions)
  3. Nanhi on Geo Entertainment (Producer: Iqbal Ansari)
  4. Rehaai on HUM TV (Producer: Momina Duraid)
  5. Ullu baraye farokht nahi on HUM TV (Producer: Nouman Masood)

Best TV Actor Satellite

  1. Fahad Mustafa for Daagh on ARY Digital
  2. Fahad Mustafa for Kankar on HUM TV
  3. Fawad Khan for Zindigi Gulzar Hai on HUM TV
  4. Nauman Ejaz for Rehaai on HUM TV
  5. Nauman Ejaz for Ullu Baraye Furokth Nahi on HUM TV

Best TV Actress Satellite

  1. Irsa Ghazal for Ullu Baraye Furokth Nahi on HUM TV
  2. Meher Bano for Daagh on ARY Digital
  3. Sajal Ali for Nanhi on Geo Entertainment
  4. Samina Peerzada for Rehaai on HUM TV
  5. Sanam Saeed for Zindagi Gulzar Hai on HUM TV

Best TV Serial Terrestrial

  1. Daag -e-Nidamat on PTV Home (Producer: Abdullah Kadwani & Humayun Saeed)
  2. Dil Awaiz on PTV Home (Producer: Farooq Mengal)
  3. Kami Reh Gai on PTV Home (Producer: Khawar Azhar)
  4. Kuch Is Tarha on PTV Home(Producer: M&M Productions??????)
  5. Mar Jaen Hum Toh Kya on ATV (Producer: Miraj ud din)

Best TV Actor Terrestrial

  1. Faisal Rehman for Daag -e- Nadamat on PTV Home
  2. Mohib Mirza for Roshni Andhera Roshni on ATV
  3. Nauman Ejaz for Dil Awaiz on PTV Home
  4. Nauman Ejaz for Kami Reh Gai on PTV Home
  5. Noor Hassan for Kuch Is Tarha on PTV Home

Best TV Actress Terrestrial

  1. Aamina Shaikh for Kuch Iss Tarha on PTV Home
  2. Anoushay Abbasi for Roshni Andhera Roshni on ATV
  3. Mehreen Raheel for Daag -e- Nadamaat on PTV Home
  4. Mehvish Hayat for Kami Reh Gai on PTV Home
  5. Sana Nawaz for Dil Awaiz on PTV Home

Best Writer

  1. Amna Mufti for Ullu Bar-e-Furokht Nahi on Hum TV
  2. Faiza Iftikhar for Aunn Zara on A Plus
  3. Farhat Ishtiaq for Rehaai on Hum TV
  4. Mona Haseeb for Nanhi on Geo TV
  5. Umera Ahmed for Zindagi Gulzar Hai on Hum TV

Best Director

  1. Haseeb Hasan for Nanhi on Geo TV
  2. Haissam Hussain for Aunn Zara on A Plus
  3. Kashif Nisar for Ullu Bar-e-Furokht Nahi on Hum TV
  4. Mehreen Jabbar for Rehai on Hum TV
  5. Sultana Siddiqui for Zindagi Gulzar Hai on Hum TV

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner