Faryal Aftab

While personal style blogging and microblogging is huge internationally, locally a few dare to truly showcase their style for the world to see. Today we are showcasing 3 personal style instagrams that are lessons in style. Whether you’re into the all american wholesome fashion, a European style star or a local fashionista taking on the world, you’ll find each of these ladies inspiring. They are so different in their aesthetic yet, we could all learn a thing or two from these Personal Style instagrams.


If you’re looking for all american wholesome style, Zahra Sandberg is your girl. Originally from Pakistan, Zahra is settled in Chicago where she gave up a cushioned corporate lifestyle for her two loves, her family and her blog. We adore Zahra for her the way she dresses… Never trying too hard, always chic and very comfortable in her skin. It comes across in every picture.

Zahra says, ‘After having my son Adam, I gained a new sense of confidence that I never had before. The old me never would have felt comfortable putting my pictures online and subjecting myself to criticism. I wish all girls could learn to be confident and love themselves – it feels amazing!’.


The Creative Director for MUSE, Faryal Aftab ‘s instagram is a crash course in Luxe French style. Perhaps one of the most directional profiles, her love for Paris and all things Parisian is evident. Faryal gives us an insight into her personal style, her work at MUSE, her summers in Paris and life. Follow Faryal if you want to inject subtle glamour in every little thing you do.

‘I think of my instagram as a really small window and it’s this illusion that allows me to be expressive. My favourite pictures are of the sky infused with clouds, beautiful shoes and clothes, planes in the air, vintage cars on the street and of course Paris. When I’m walking around in Paris, everything looks like a photograph to me. My instagram is really about Paris’.


If following the global escapades of a local fashionista is more your style. Find Amna Hassan Tahir ‘s instagram, this fashion forward Lahori lives the A-list lifestyle and gives us an insight into it through her instagram.

Amna Says, ‘My instagram account is a reflection of my life and personal style. Fashion is a great part of my life, so you’ll see a lot of it on my profile, my outfits, my latest purchases… But really it’s like a personal album of my friends, family and travel’.

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Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner