Let’s face it–this humid weather is a friend to no one. When you’re inhaling just as much water as you’re drinking, there are no survivors. Not your clothes, not your makeup, and especially not your hair. And if you happen to have any ounce of texture, then it is game over. This monsoon humidity takes no prisoners. We all live in a perpetual “Monica in Barbados” state, and we have to deal with it.

So, how do you deal with it, anyway? Living years and years in Lahore has taught me a trick or two. Here are some things that work for me, and maybe they’ll work for you, too!


One of the biggest reasons your hair frizzes up in the humid weather is excessive loss of moisture. This dries out your hair, and the process speeds up if your regularly blow dry or straighten them. For this reason, any time you shampoo, make sure you thoroughly condition. Conditioners bring back some of the much needed moisturization to your hair, giving them a smoother and softer texture. Here’s another pro tip: when rinsing out your conditioner, use ice cold water! It sounds weird, but cold water will close up some of those pores and help your hair retain that shine!


Using leave in hair serums has honestly been a game changer for me, especially when I want to wear my hair down. Like I said, humid weather is a fiend, so it doesn’t matter how much time I spend blow drying and styling my hair… by the time I’ve made it to my meeting or hangout, the poof sets in bigger than my love of coffee. But ever since I started using hair serums, particularly at the ends of my locks, things became much more manageable.


Now, I don’t always have the patience to condition, style and serum my hair. This is why double Dutch braids have been my go to hairdo in the humid months! Not only is there zero prep required, the Dutch braids also nearly tuck in any baby hairs; and trust me, these baby hairs love being frizzy. Plus, this hairdo super cute which is definitely a bonus.