Karachi Winter

If you’re not from Karachi, you won’t possibly know that winters here are as short lived as an average wedding buffet dinner. And/or often shorter. Karachiites may not entirely be famliar with the down-right freezing temperature, but they surely do have their winter gears sorted.


Coco Rocha Silk Dress Gif

In nice,  windy and whole lot of a chilly evening, Karachiites make important decisions about wearing neoprene or silk sheath dresses in poppy accents and patterns. This is when a shawl is too warm, and a cotton shirt too cool – so they settle down for a shirred waisted silk tunic.


Cara Delevingne Leather Jacket Gif

Be it a casual luncheon with friends or a wild night out, nothing completes a wintry night without a curvacous suit clinched with a leather belt or a a biker leather jacket worn on top. This is when grunge meets tailoring and is an instant recipe for a chic success.



You really haven’t lived Karachi Winter to its fullest if you haven’t made a visit or two to the beach with friends or family. I’m talking about over night bonfire nights, chilly nature-viewing and experiencing the arabian-ness to its fullest. Sea-breeze, coffee steams and roasted nuts is an absolute must in this weather.




The only time faux fur coats, fur tippets and duchesse satin coats see the light of day in Karachi is when Quetta shares a bit of its frosty weather. This is the perfect time for boots, overcoats and best Sunday brunches.


Alicia Silverstone SHopping Clueless
When you cross the upteenth “season end sale” billboard up any metropolitan road in Karachi – its best if you put your trust in the marketing mongols and box away the winter wear. Now’s the time to trade the georgettes with an abundance of sorbet-hued chiffons. Karachi winter has come an end.


Naveen Qazi of Cashing on Couture brings a bit of Karachi to SiddySays! We absolutely love her tongue in cheek way of expressing herself and are delighted to welcome her on board.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner