Waking up with a puffy face is all too common for a beauty issue, yet it happens, and a swollen face is the worst look to wear on any given day. So, V-day’s coming up and you’ve got a big night planned with your beau, but you’re worried that your beauty sleep might not exactly give you that desired glow. So, what do you do?

Here are some very easy-to-do DIY tricks to bonce your skin back to life and get rid of a puffy face before V-day!


Besides drinking a lot of water, rubbing ice cubes on your face can also de-stress your skin. And it helps for a lasting makeup look. You can also splash some cold water to wake your skin from dozing off!


It’s common knowledge that salt aids water retention. So everything about you goes POOF! Avoid table salt, Chinese salt and even junk food. Oh! Also soda! You don’t want to look bloated on date night!


Get a facial because a good massage with deep cleansing and moisturizing can calm those nerves and push back those toxins that make you look, well, not your best!


Some cool cucumbers will also do the trick in de-puffing your face. The high water content and freshness from the cold temperature makes it the classic DIY strategy to saying bye-bye to puffiness.


If you’re the type who often get a puffy face, then work those muscles and get blood pumping in those cheeks. A brisk walk or cardio will do the trick and open those clogged pores, bringing some natural red back!


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.