Hamza Ali Abbasi

The Khuoobsurat fever has maxed and girls are drooling left right and center. Last meeting when we sat down for our Ed meeting, we had the longest chat on the planet about who WE thought was hot. Needless to say, we just couldn’t agree on a single name. After a bit of argument and mera tera, here is what we managed to jot down, see if it makes sense to you.


Fawad Afzal Khan

If you haven’t read everything there is to know about Fawad Khan already, reading this might make sense otherwise rest assured that we all unanimously love him probably as much as you do if not more. Fawad started his modelling career at 13 and while he wanted to be an aeronautical engineer, he really found his feet performing as the front man for the once very famous band Entity Paradigm.

He disappeared in the middle for a bit (or maybe we were busier looking at shinier things) but he’s back and oh boy what a comeback. Starting with Humsafar on to Zindagi Gulzar hai he mesmerized us by doing nothing more than brooding on the screen.

Now it’s all about Khoobsurat, love it or hate it, this is probably one of the strongest Bollywood debuts we have seen in the recent times.


Hamza ALi Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi has a LOT of range as an actor. Whether he’s displaying on screen heroics as Field Office Ehtesham (Waar) or being a narrow minded Majeed (Main houn Shahid Afridi) he some how manages to win our hearts.

Hamza started his career in 2006 with Shah Sharabeel’s Daily in the Dark. He starred in 8 more theater plays before moving to television. He has finally found home on the big screen, both in front of the camera and behind it.

His directorial debut ‘Kambakht’ is a comedy starring Humayoun Saeed. Personally we hope he doesn’t spend too much time behind the camera.


Junaid Khan

This crooner turned bad boy of television turned good boy of television has been in the lime light for sometime now. This engineer, started his career with his band ‘Call’ while still at university and immediately shot to fame with the first rock ballad ‘sab bhula ke’.

Junaid Khan ‘s acting career is equally stellar with some big successes under his belt including ‘mata e jaan hai tu’ and ‘yahan piyar nahi hai’… With more serials already signed up with Moomal, there is no stopping this guy. His current play ‘Firaq’ is already making waves… Do we see Bollywood on the horizon for this one? Only time will tell.



This recipient of Lux Style Award for Best Music video is a contender for ‘The Best Movie Director’ this year. Though he shot to fame recently with ‘Waar’ his directorial debut, he has made a list of music videos before – including Sajni and Chal Bulleya.

He played a cutie sniper in his film Waar and we loved the two seconds he was on screen. Bilal Lashari is all set to make the remake of ‘Maula Jutt’ soon…. On screen or off, this is one hottie we can’t get enough of.


SIkandar Mufti

Perhaps the least known of our hotties, this one only comes into public eye during the famous Coke Studio. A permanent member of the house band, Sikandar Mufti is a rocker at heart. He has been a regular on the show since Season 3 and hasn’t looked back since. We love him smiling away on the set, swaying to the music…

Sikandar Mufti  initially gained fame as the drummer for the band Coven. Since then he has performed with artists like Ali Azmat, Overload, Zeb and Haniya and Mekaal Hasan Band. Goes to show how diverse his range is and how he’s a master of what he does. We’d love to know more about him… wouldn’t you??

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner