I’m a sucker for romance and love the feeling and idea of being in love, so when I delved into reading, I hit a jackpot with the classic tales of romance ever so filled with deep and uncanny romance that had lineage and history in every word penned by Judith McNaught.

Judith McNaught introduced me to the world of romance novels in my budding years where I was always fascinated by her portrayal of unconventional, strong and opinionated female leads, who believe in the power of love, dignity and individuality with a possessive leading man. And the kind of the day and age we are in, I want to share my top 5 favourite Judith McNaught novels that are more than just about love.

So, if you are as romantical as I am, you must read Judith McNaught.


There’s a fiery and beautiful, but smart Countess who is found in the arms of a notoriously handsome gambler. For society, she may have ruined all her future prospects, but for Ian, she is more than just a conquest. Amidst, deception and betrayal, Ian helps Elizabeth turn the tables around harboring ulterior motives. Sounds dreamy, right?

Almost Heaven is a classic and one of my favourite books of all times. Passion, scandal and high society, what more could you want?


Emotions, laughter and tears, Whitney My Love will give you everything one you open the book. A young ravishing maiden is bargained to an arrogant man. At times you feel a sense of betrayal but the underlying theme of a perfect love lives in the hearts of Whitney and Clayton Westmoreland.

A romance novel should make you weak in the knees, and this undeniably passionate love story gives you everything all that and much more.


For me, A Kingdom of Dreams is a enraging and defiant battle of two exotic people. An English warrior, a Scottish beauty and the backdrop of abduction make up for a romance so wonderfully without losing sight of the chivalry. Without considering the idea of the Stockholm Syndrome, wait till you read this engaging book by Judith McNaught and decide why it’s a 5****.


A broken child is brought up to be a fine young lady and falls in the arms of wild and handsome looking man, Stephen Westmoreland through some weird twist of fate. In simple words, Until You is witty, very dramatic and romantic (no secrets there) and if you want to fall in love all over again, this is your guide.


Jealousy. Pride. Excitement. Revenge. Marriage. Passion. Fear etc. Something Wonderful is perhaps one of my favourite books and why should you also love it is for its strong characters, Alexandera and Jordan. When a hard man is touched by innocence, something wonderful is truly about to happen!


I wept with love and joy with every word that I read in Once & Always. It’s a masterpiece. An orphaned girl and a wicked Lord are drawn to each other amidst treachery and passion. Victoria wants to claim her lavish estate and Jason is is famished for more than he bargained for. OMG! It’s the kind of love you want not just once, but always.

Since we’re stuck at home, you can read all of these books ONLINE.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.