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Pakistan’s most notable fashion & lifestyle blog,
is not a website but a School of Thought. We exist to inspire you and to share with you a treasure of random,unexpected beautiful finds that we have made a mission to discover be it fashion,people,food,
travel and more . We feature anything and everything that catches our fancy the only qualifier is that it has to be gorgeous. Well we should think so anyway. Anything that we find & love . we share.Stay tuned to SiddySays.com and enjoy a scrapbook full of all things fabulous. Follow us oninstagram
and stay inspired. While you are probably, well acquainted withAmna & Sadaf
,the partners behind SiddySays,here is a look at the people who make things happen with them.TEAM SIDDYSAYS:

Over the years,we’ve had a host of talented people be a part of the prestigious hashtag #TeamSiddySays. With Amna and Sadaf at the helm of things,the world of SiddySays is incomplete without the contribution of some of our behind the scenes stars .

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Founding partner Sadaf started the blog as a personal journal in 2011 leading the fashion and lifestyle industry into a new digital age. Today she continues to manage the blog with Amna in addition to managing a full time corporate career and contributes actively to the content,
strategy and her new love SiddyTVDSC_0301

Partner and Managing Editor Amna is the force behind SiddySays today and is responsible for its evolution both from content and business perspective. With a complete new chapter of SiddySays image consultancy and styling to her credit,Amna is diversifying SiddySays from a perspective to a school of thought..
Areesh Zubair-1 .

The Assistant Project Manager at SiddySays,Areesh manages the ‘behind the scenes’ functions for the blog. In addition to his regular role as the lead administrator,Areesh is also the ‘person behind the camera’ for most original video and photographic content as well the graphic design you see on the blog. One of the longest serving members of #TeamSiddySays,Areesh is the go-to guy for Amna and Sadaf.Anoosh

A photography enthusiast,Anoosh is a student who moonlights with the team on video and photographic content. Labelled as the ‘Baby’ of the Team Anoosh joined #TeamSiddySays when he was 18 making him the youngest member of the crew. In addition to his photographic contributions,Anoosh is also the snapchat genius behind some of our most interesting snapchat stories!1-Foha .

FOHA RAZA:Partner in crime on the content,Foha has now been associated with SiddySays for over two years. Once a full time assistant editor Foha now contributes regularly to the blog while managing her own fashion brand Cabaret. Goes to show when you’re TeamSiddySays once,you’re Team SiddySays forever!
Dawer Khan

Dawer’s entrance into TeamSiddySays signifies a whole new chapter for SiddyTV and our increased focus on video content. This self driven young fire cracker is a videographer par excellence breaking into the big league steadily with TeamSiddySays and the corporate video work he does on the side.