Ali Zafar in Singapore

While the chocolate hero Fawad Khan is making waves in Pakistan and India, the Bollywood veteran Ali Zafar headed to Singapore to take on the music lovers there for the first time ever! We know that Ali’s been more focused on his acting career with Kill Dil just around the corner, so clearly the audience kind of went mad for him (and him for them?!?)

I have to say, it’s really quite heartening to see a local artist draw such a huge crowd. Rumour has it that Ali was only to perform for two sets of 40 minutes with a break in the middle but the audience got so hyped up that the artist sang for two hours non stop!

Ali Zafar in Singapore Ali Zafar in Singapore Ali Zafar in Singapore

All images courtesy { The Wide Lenz }

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner