Lana Del Rey performs. Nick Pickles/Getty.

Anoosh ZeerikAnoosh is in-house photographer with Team SiddySays and when he randomly said ‘I like contemporary rock’ in one of our Ed meetings, we got onto his case to make a playlist for us. We’re trying for you to get to know the people behind the blog and as we always say, nothing tells you more about a person than their music.

To start with Anoosh is 19, I never ever thought I would enjoy a playlist he complied for us. But here it is, Anoosh’s Weekend Rock Playlist (ok so it isn’t entirely rock but it isn’t pop either) and as it plays in the background I have to say, it’s just the right mood for an easy weekend.


Anoosh’s Easy Rock by Sadaf Zarrar on Grooveshark

Anoosh’s picture stolen from his facebook has been taken by Aleena Raza.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
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