Arammish Day Spa Lahore

Arammish Spa Lahore

Time slows down as you enter the newly build ‘ Arammish Spa ‘ in FCC Gulberg Lahore. With the ‘Flower of Life’ inspired by the ‘Sacred Geometry’ as it’s identity, Arammish is one of the first Pakistani hollistic well being centers, opened it’s doors to customers a couple of weeks back. The facility offers a day spa, nail bar, an organic kitchen and restaurant, a fully operational beauty salon for women offering bridal make up in addition to all regular salon services, a gentlemen’s grooming area and a small spa store offering the best of ‘fresh’ remedies, ayurvedic treatments and a range of aromatherapy products.

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Amna Humayoun, who started this spa explained to us how she wanted to truly create a local spa experience training local work force and subscribing to thousands of years old local hikmat rather than importing an international franchise. She also insisted that this is not just an ‘elite’ or ‘upper class’ phenomenon as she has kept her price range to suit all sorts of pockets. However, Amna has spared no expense in creating a ‘green facility’ and the spa in addition to being environmentally friendly is also powered by solar energy.

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While the spa offers express services as well as fully designed programs, Amna recommends taking a few hours out for yourself to truly unwind and enjoy the experience. Between the Hamam, the meditations and relaxtion room and the massages themselves, the Spa offers a holistic experience for all those willing to undergo the journey.  She herself is available to consult the clients through an appointment if needed and guide them to the relevant therapies that can truly enrich the experience and ensure desired results.

We asked Amna why she opted to include a Salon within the spa and she said, ‘I realized that clients over here wanted a complete retreat, so when the come for their time out they can get all services at one place. At the end of the day, it is balancing the internal and external beauty. A place to make you feel beautiful both inside and outside’. Giving the example of the bridal packages, Amna told SiddySays how the Arammish brides are not just about make up, if they choose, they can opt for a complete program leading up to the wedding which includes massages and therapies that can help them glow inside and out. Similarly, if the salon or spa customers want the other services they’re all available under one roof.

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The building offers various peaceful nooks and corners where you can unwind, enjoy a snack, relax with friends etc… Amna feels that it’s not just about whizzing in for a service and running out as soon as it’s over, she feels it’s deep rooted journey that one must allow themselves every once in a while to escape the stress we experience every day. The spa in time will offer classes and workshops as well as one day, three day and a week long detox programs. In the meantime we can only wait eagerly and try out the delightful spa menu from the first page to the last. We asked Amna for some tips to get the most out of the Spa experience:

  • Try coming at least 20 minutes before your appointment time so you can get a proper consultation.
  • Explore the menu to discover rituals that suit you the best
  • Switch of your mobiles and disconnect from the world, giving yourself the time out you deserve
  • Try taking 3-4 hours out so you can enjoy each stage of unwinding
  • Don’t overlap experiences by having food while getting a neck massage, enjoy each step separately
  • Talk as little as you can during the therapies and services so you can truly focus and experience
  • Commit to giving yourself a wholesome experience


Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner