Having a two and half year old, I have been frequenting BabyShop since Bia was born. It’s been a lifesaver more than once. The range of items they carry is fabulous. In fact think of something baby related and chances are you’ll find it there. Toys, Clothes, Furniture, Baby Stuff and the works you name it and they have it.

Anyway, so folks in Islamabad with kiddies under 8. The good news is that baby shophas recently opened doors with its one stop concept store at Centaurus Islamabad. The store is the 7th outlet for this Middle Eastern retailer in Pakistan and 1st in Islamabad.

If you’re done talking about the DKNY Ramzan Capsule , here is BabyShop’s Ramzan presentation. Who doesn’t love well dressed kids!


Baby Shop Ramzan IMG_2034 IMG_1990 IMG_1961 IMG_1721 IMG_1647 IMG_1635 IMG_1543 IMG_1484 IMG_1284 IMG_1217 IMG_0899 1 IMG_0853 1 IMG_0779 1 IMG_0698 1 IMG_0633 1 IMG_0492 IMG_0186 1 IMG_0133 1 IMG_0045 IMG_1397 IMG_1278 IMG_1048 IMG_0546RAMZA

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner