I was, as most people are, a foundation or base user and one fine day the BB cream madness hit. Suddenly all brands started advertising these new age creams as a make up must have and I found myself utterly lost as to what really was the best solution for fresh and glowing everyday look.

As I do with all things, I immediately googled the phenomenon to learn more. To start with BB cream or ‘Beauty Balm’ cream is somewhere between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation in terms of coverage. In ways it’s also foundations lesser fuss younger sibling which can be simply applied with hands, gives you a more natural and fresher look. But don’t take it at face value, Fair & Lovely BB cream has far too many used and given the hot and humid Eid I’d highly recommend the use of a Fair & Lovely BB cream.


In a work where there is a specialist cream for nearly everything, BB Cream can at least spare you the pain of buying a primer. Not only is it great on its own, it also works wonderfully as a primer to apply before you apply any other make up and keeps  other products especially powder based in place for longer. Given the humidity and heat and potential for make up to melt this Eid, BB cream is your answer.


I often end up using my BB cream as a concealer too. It’s light so works well to hide any nagging spots… it seems especially useful as a concealer under the eye. Bye bye dark circles in a matter of seconds. With the all the visiting happening back to back Eid day I use it as an on the go concealer to make my look fresh!


The BB cream may be your go to if you’re feeling a little creative this Eid. Take a bit of shimmery pink lip gloss and a tad bit of BB cream. Mix well and apply on your cheeks for a luminous shimmery look that’s wonderfully suited to the festive season.


With all the running around you’ll have to do right from the start of day, a BB cream can be your best friend to cover the little bloopers you may have rushing through make up time. Wings on the liner not equal? Lipstick smudged outside the lip line? All easily fixable with a BB cream :))


Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner