While visiting Daachi Mela, organized by Daachi Foundation , I came across some beautiful Hand Woven shawls from Khairpur. Khairpur is the twelfth largest city in the province of Sindh. It was founded in 1783 by Mir Sohrab Khan. The settlement was selected as the seat of the Mirs of northern Sindh. Today, It is the capital of the modern Khairpur District. The great mystic Sufi Sachal Sarmast came from this city. The city is known for beautiful handloom fabrics… these shawls being my newest and most exciting discovery. Whats éven better? My new found friends Dilwaer Ali and Mohammad Ghulam who are looking forward to creating some customized designs for me :))

Some images from the Daachi Mela Khairpur Stalls
Beautiful Variety of Cotton and Silk Weaves
Ghulamali at Work.

AND… while reading up on the city, I came the most romaaaaaantic picture which is pulling me to Khairpur… I think I’ll ask Ali to chalk up yet another local Pakistan dream destinations on our list.

Faiz Mahal in Khairpur, The Seat of the Mir

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner