Whirling Dervaish

Beauty is skin deep, superficial it may be, it has it’s glory, it’s time and it’s presence but it’s not eternal, it gives away to new faces, new realms, conquering and fighting in its path as the present turns into the past.

But what is eternal? Eternal is a beautiful soul that does not need the wings of the universe to soar, a soul that in itself is complete and encompasses the whole universe in its being.

A soul so beautiful like a divine creature of God draped in a silken gossamer veil,  A soul as such that when it departs, when it soars, it imprints it’s self on all, thus being immortal and eclipsing all other beauties in this world.

By Zehrah Ali Asghar

This image is taken from Art Scene Galleries

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner