Bollywood Mehndi Playlist 2014

Bollywood Mehndi Playlist 2014

It’s been sometime that I put up a playlist and while I do have another one in the pipeline, I thought I’d share the playlist for a recent family wedding. You know how they friends are the family that you choose yourself?! Well this was just that kind of a family wedding. Between the dholaks, hangouts, late night chat sessions, dance practices and eventually the wedding, life was a bit manic which is why I was a tad bit lazy about the blog too (and conveniently use the time to upgrade thee layout… what do you think?!?)


Anyway, so as anticipated the Mehndi was a Bollywood fiesta. Between super girlie numbers, to boys dancing away and eventually the cheap music that no fun Mehndi is complete without, we had the range. Here I share with you, our ultimate Bollywood Mehndi Playlist with some new, some not so new but all a whole bunch of fun songs.

Bollywood Mehndi by Sadaf Zarrar on Grooveshark

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
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