Sarah Najmi Bilgrami

Sarah Najmi Bilgrami represents the second generation of excellence in architecture and interiors. She and her partners, Ahsan Najmi and Zayd Bilgrami started YOCA as an off shoot of a 35 year architectural practice, Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative Ltd (NBCL), where all three team members are also partners. YOCA’s products are inspired by high-end design where each piece is uniquely conceived from universal inspirations be it with whom YOCA’s artisans interact, the places they visit, the evolving art world, fashion, music; or indeed something as simple as a conversation with a loved one. (YOCA also collaborated with HSY on a capsule collection which gained critical acclaim).

Known as a woman of fine taste, we reached out to Sarah for our bucket list segment, after all a it is practically a short and sweet crash course into the mind of a person. If this is anything to go by, one can see what a centered individual she is. Clearly Sarah appreciates rich experiences over material gains, her list is full of  beautiful, simple journeys that will bring joy to her before she says good bye to this world.

  1. Visit Japan during Sakura
  2. Yoga retreat and spa check in for a week
  3. A trip with my daughters Leyl & Eliyah to Paris when they are 16
  4. Enroll in an acclaimed culinary class
  5. Dream is to design a spiritual center open to all

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner