Fahad Hussayn won our hearts for the umpteenth time at PFDC LOreal Bridal Week last year in October. Till then the designer had been going from strength to strength with every show, so it’s only natural that we’re severely curious to see how he is intending on trumping the standards he has set himself. We met with Fahad Hussayn to preview his collection for PFDC Swarovski Crystal Couturiers Collection.

You’ve had a very strong 2014, what’s the vision for 2015?

2015 I want to be innovative and fresh I want to try on new techniques and push myself more to create differently .

Your shows have been grand but with an eastern undertone, what’s to expect in this show?

This show is pure couture from delicately embellished corseted gowns to hybrid dresses and separates there are hardly any desi undertones but the signature Fahad Hussayn embroideries and craft is still a major part of the collection.

No Fahad Hussayn show is without a statement, what’s the statement for this year?

DOMINIONATRIX is a mythical dominion . It’s angry , gentrified , strong , beautiful yet grotesque . You will have to wait till the show for the real effect 🙂

How do you compare couture that you’re doing in this show to the usual bridal couture?

This couture comes from the soul . The art isn’t in the impact of the garment it’s the details . I let go if the wearability of the looks where I felt I should . With bridals it’s usually more commercial.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner