palatino;”>Beef Mince 0.5 Kg
palatino;”>Garlic 4 Cloves Chopped
palatino;”>Green Chillies 4 Chopped
palatino;”>Fresh Coriander a fist full, chopped
palatino;”>Laziza Chapli Kebab Masala as per taste (if you’re Lucky) alternatively:
palatino;”> Salt 2 Teaspoon
palatino;”> Black Pepper 0.5 Teaspoon
palatino;”> Cinnamon Powder and Cardamom Powder just a dash as per taste

palatino;”> – Now add the spices and the 2 eggs and mix well to form what looks like the image above (top left)
palatino;”> – In the meantime, shape the Kebabs as illustrated in the image (bottom left) and mildly grill or fry just so the kebabs get light brown from the outside
palatino;”> – Let the Kebabs cook with the tomatoes and onions for 20-30 minutes on a medium to light flame stirring occasionally but not too rigorously as that might break the kebabs
palatino;”> – Do not let the kebabs dry too much, serve with yogurt and boiled rice (I added cumin seeds to the the plain rice before cooking to add a little flavour) you can serve these with Naan (asian bread) too but make sure you leave ample gravy in that case.


Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner

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