Sadaf Zarrar Ali Samee Bia Samee

As anticipated (and as always), I had a last minute Eid panic. I had done Bia’s Eid shopping from the Karma but for myself I usually rely on a last minute ready to wear something… Fortunately, Elan had sent across this gorgeous Elan silk material earlier which was well sitting waiting to be stitched… QUESTION! Who would stitch it?!? Turning to trusty old Cabaret, Foha took charge and turned around the outfit in literally 24 hours (Did I say I love you Fo??) My short cut to dressed up is always Red Nails and Red Lips paired with a natural blow out… Finally got to wear the Valentino Heels I had bought at the sale. All in all, turned out pretty good!

Hope you guys had a fab Eid too!

Sadaf Zarrar Eid Style

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
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