Working Women by Bareeze has perhaps been one of the most practical concepts in Ready to Wear retail recently. The Target Audience? Simply the women who don’t have time to run after Tailors and Seamstresses and Buy Cloth and Match Laces and Scarves… Simple. One stop shop to give working women respite.

The frustration I usually have is that I don’t feel like wearing yards of flowy fabrics to work, Nor do I want to be all Tutti Fruity in a Kaleidoscope of Colours. I just want to dress Smart. I guess that leads to the question of what Smart to me is. Being a Working Woman myself for over 12 years, I would love to go to a place that works with solid colours, bold patterns, straight lines and no nonsense embellishments and that is the very reason I am reviewing Adnan Pardesi’s collection for Working Woman.

Adnan Pardesy


– The Collaboration: High Street meets Designer. Love the Idea.

– The Solid Colours: Easy to Accessories, Mix n Match

– The Simplicity: Straight Simple Shirts with Nicely Tailored Necklines


– Denim at Work: Since when did a Denim Shirt become acceptable work wear?

– Jagged Edges: Flare and Jagged Edges just don’t add up to Smart and Clean

– The Prices PKR 5000 for a simple yellow Kurta – umm ok.

The Entire Adnan Pardesi for Working Woman Catelogue is available here: CATALOGUE

I’ll give the collaboration A for effort. Even though the desk to dinner looks are a bit of a joke…

Screen Captures

On an entirely seperate note, My one sure shot look for work is collars.


Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner