palatino; font-size: small;”>and trying to get their hands on the ‘Designer’ Lawns (Someone shoot me) and then queue outside the Tailors and get into palatino; font-size: small;”>and decided to stay clear of all such activities. So for a fed up Customer like me to take notice, you really have to be the ‘best’, palatino; font-size: small;”>ground studio. He had a Black Wedding Jora on display, a phenomenon that would give a few aunties a mild heart attack BUT, GOD palatino; font-size: small;”>of Pakistan Fashion by some of the critics. (Quite a long way since designing for V9 ~ Bravo Fahad)

palatino; font-size: small;”>(Smarter) AND being the first Lawn Launch of the Season (Smartest). If the suits don’t fly of the shelves I’ll probably die of shock!

palatino; font-size: small;”>Nadia Hussain and Ayaan who had also walked the show, the only disconnect I had was in the styling of some of the lesser known palatino; font-size: small;”>Here is wishing Fahad an insanely successful season, there is no stopping this boy!

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner