Floyd by Smith Karachi

You may never have heard of Floyd by Smith , I know I didn’t, but there are two fabulous things about this new brand opening doors to fashion lovers in Karachi. 1. It speaks of some remaining foreign interest in the market and 2. it offers another high street fashion option. Now I’m not really sure what their price points are but looking at the clothes I’d say they should be somewhere between Mango and Monsoon.

Another thing to note is that while we may not be familiar with the brand, they deliver Floyd-outfits to 259 independent stores in Norway, while having 8 concept and 12 cooperative stores under their own label. That’s a fairly decent retail presence if you ask me. Floyd by Smith, initiated as a Norwegian Smith’s family business dating back to mid-80s with its headquarters in Holmestrand. As the time lapsed, they entered the brick and mortar world in 1986 retailing clothes that were designed and manufactured in Norway, and were also sold in multi-brand stores across the country.


The launch event at Zamzama was managed by Catwalk Events and PR. The event was attended by some well known faces of the Pakistan Fashion industry including Anjeline Malik, Sadaf Malaterre, Mohsin Sayeed, Maheen Hussain, Nadia mistry, Ali Saleem and more. The fashion presentation comprised of the debut collection and some of the more appreciated pieces were the pastel hued shirts with embellish collars, and a chic crop-top with military buttons, glamorized shirtwaists, flowing goddess gowns and cheeky mini dresses.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner