An absolute favourite with celebrities, Shehla Chatoor, the queen of decadent glamour is all set to bring her latest collection to the Fashion Pakistan Week 2014 stage. Here she speaks to us about her design philosophy, her inspiration and whats cooking at the studio post the Fashion Week.

What is your design philosophy?

My design philosophy, whenever I design for a luxury prêt show at fashion weeks is to do something innovative and unique. I want to be able to captivate the audience. I want them to see and feel what has gone in, in terms of time, effort and creativity in the making of this collection. The elements and philosophy of my design are always constant.  Innovation in cuts, researching, learning and incorporating new ideas and techniques, at the same time staying true to my signature to design uber glam, sensual, sophisticated ensembles that are luxurious to the core.

What are the key trends this season?

Leather, leather and more leather. Embellished cape jackets which can teamed with leggings, dresses, even eastern wear. Opulent vintage prints and embroideries on billowing/voluminous skirts. Peek a boo cropped tops detailed with Japanese basket weaving and rope techniques. Embroidered sport jackets teamed with track pants with sporty details.

What is your inspiration for your presentation this season?

My collection is inspired by the art of Japanese painted paper folding screens, “Byo´bu”, is one of the most distinctive as well as often the most strikingly beautiful icons of far eastern art. In particular pictorial accents and autumn landscapes of these screens. Inspiration is also derived from the Japanese basket weave technique and leather interweaving, braiding and quilting, as on the body armour of Samurai warriors.

What should we expect to see at your show this season?

Well researched and opulent prints on voluminous and billowing skirts, intricate embroideries, lattice and Japanese basket weaving leather techniques on cape jackets, cropped tops, and cocktail dresses.

Technically this is by far the most hard worked collection with great deal of tedious detailing. There is variety in silhouettes from uber glam ball skirts and cocktail dresses to traditional sarees and edgy and funky sport jackets and track pants. Last but not the least in house, hand made gorgeous accessories like semi precious statement neck pieces, ornate cuffs, shoes and embroidered clutches.

What are you doing immediately after the fashion week?

Wish I could take some time of, but I will be extremely busy with the ongoing bridal season. Will be focusing on designing bridals and eastern luxury wear for our 2015 collections.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner