ITTEHAD Lawn by HSY (27)

We try our best to give you something to look forward to on sad Mondays. Given the madness that Hassan Sheheryar Yasin has been creating with the HSY Lawn for Ittehad we thought that we absolutely must do an HSY Lawn giveaway!!

This forever energetic friend of ours, launched his lawn in 3 cities within two days to insane crowds, we don’t know how he does this but that’s probably why there is only one Shayroo!! With Faisalabad and Lahore on the 6th and Karachi on the 7th, and the mad rush we saw first hand, it won’t be long before the shopkeepers start giving you the good old ‘sold out’ story soon.

HSY Lawn 2015

If you want to WIN an HSY suit of his choice in a lucky draw all you have to do is:



2. Tell us what you’d like to ask HSY when we interview him for SiddyTV some day?? 


Please write your Vimeo name by which you are following us (even if you’re following from before) and the question in comments below.

The winner will be announced on Friday, 13th March on the SiddySays Facebook Page – As always the winner will be picked through a lucky draw and our decision will be final! 😉 xx

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner