House of Shameel

We’ve heard customers singing praise for Shameel‘s clothes for eons now. Our first hand experience of the designer came recently at the fashion week when Shameel presented her collection there and it was love. Being in Lahore has it’s benefits and drawbacks… clearly a big ones is being disconnected with the Karachi fashion, thank god for fashion weeks which are bridging this gap and bravo designers who are braving out of their home towns.

Shameel recently opened her custom built outlet in Karachi. The designer who is known for rich but tasteful aesthetic as anticipated pulled a beautiful demure affair where friends and fans came in full force.

Shamaeel Ansari is known for her signature jewel tone jackets, opulent over coats, slim pants, elegantly cut shifts with a majestic mélange of threads, appliqué, sequins, colour and prints infused with delicate femininity. She is one of those fashion designers who plays and blends her fascinating creativity with realism of culture, heritage, and modern fashion. She started in 1987 with her fluttering imagination and fashion aesthetics of supreme grandeur, and has since earned not only domestic success, but also international acclaim.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner