Improve Quality of Life

Our ‘Life Hacks‘ videos are not designed to preach a new way of life, but speak to things we are researching and learning as people. Our video this week is a consequence of copious research we did online to list down the things we thought could help us sort our lives.

Being fairly busy juggling our various roles as working women, moms, bloggers and more… we often ask ourselves how we can organize our lives better and while the points here may seem ‘obvious’ its often we forget them as we run through each day. Amna and I thought of sharing these with you and hope that these will also help you improve quality of life.

How did you find the video? Do let us know and help us improve.

We are taking baby steps into the world of vlogging and would love your input!


Amna & Sadaf

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner