Insiders Guide to London

Asad Shaykh .

palatino;”> Describe London to someone who’s never been?
palatino;”> Walk along the Southbank and see London shamelessly displaying all her wares.
palatino;”> Mornings in London are…
palatino;”>It never settles for mediocrity.
palatino;”> Your fondest memory of London…
DALSTON Superstore .
palatino;”> Don’t forget to take:
palatino;”>Lucifer’s Ginger & Chilli Biscuits from Fortnum & Mason – Your Aunty will go nuts! 🙂
palatino;”> What is your favorite place for:
The Skylon Bar overlooking the Thames at Southbank.
palatino; line-height: 1.5em;”>A dinner with friends: Santore in Exmouth Market for the finest neopolitan pizza, by the metre!
Cafe Bohème on Old Comptona Street, Soho.
he Greenwich Market for a mix of hipsters, yummy mummies & zealous tourists.
The DALSTON Superstore – a mishmash of misfits, mods & ravers.
Seven Dials , a haven for all upcoming brands.
Lying on the green, in front of the Queen’s House, in Greenwich Park.