Insiders Guide to London

palatino;”> MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH LONDON: We all remember our first loves. Mine, undoubtedly, was London. To me, it was and still is, the epitome of a city. The capital of the world it is. I’ve moved, lived, cried and loved here. It’s where my intercontentally lost baggage found a home. I’m rarely away for long, but whenever I return to her, the first thing I notice is her smell – Metal, history & ambition. The pace of the tube coursing through her veins makes my heart race everyday – you have to leave her to love her and love her to leave her – that’s my London.

palatino;”> Describe London to someone who’s never been?
palatino;”> Walk along the Southbank and see London shamelessly displaying all her wares.
palatino;”> Mornings in London are…
palatino;”>It never settles for mediocrity.
palatino;”> Your fondest memory of London…
palatino;”>A ‘Sunbrella’: Every Londoner’s out of home survival kit consisting of a pair of sunnies and an umbrella
palatino;”> Don’t forget to bring back:
palatino;”> A date night: The Skylon Bar overlooking the Thames at Southbank.
palatino; line-height: 1.5em;”>A dinner with friends: Santore in Exmouth Market for the finest neopolitan pizza, by the metre!
Cafe Bohème on Old Comptona Street, Soho.
palatino;”> Dancing the night away: The DALSTON Superstore – a mishmash of misfits, mods & ravers.
Seven Dials , a haven for all upcoming brands.
Lying on the green, in front of the Queen’s House, in Greenwich Park.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner