Meesha Shafi Children

Women everywhere continue to inspire us, whether they are stay at home or working moms. And while we love and admire each one of them without exception, today we celebrate some beautiful mothers in the fashion industry… The examples are endless but here are some images we found of some of the most recognizable faces in fashion and their children. Happy Mother’s Day everyone. Keeping shining.


We start with the reigning queen of the ramp, Mehreen Syed. Mehreen in addition to being a supermodel is also a business woman – the force behind Desi Beauty Blog as well as the only institute of it’s kind in Pakistan, International Fashion Academy Pakistan committed to training individuals for the business of fashion! In addition to her overloaded portfolio, she is also the mother of a gorgeous one year old!! Given she just headlined practically all the fashion presentations at the recent PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, we find this woman and her drive to excel supremely inspiring!

Mehreen Syed wedding


Pakistan’s only female rockstar in every possible sense of the word. In addition to being a singing sensation, Meesha is a model, a brand ambassador, a spokesperson, an actor and an artist. Adding to these very public personas, she is a mother of two beautiful children… Meesha is beautiful, honest and upfront not to mention she is severely talented which makes her a perfect role model.

Meesha Shafi Kids


This mother of two is at the helm of one of the largest and oldest design houses in the country which continues to thrive and shine. Maheen Kardar Ali, a graduate of the Pakistan Institute of the Fashion Design, started Karma soon after graduation and today it stands tall as one of the most recognized fashion brands both in Pakistan and abroad. Maheen Kardar Ali’s commitment to both the fashion industry and her family makes her truly inspiring for us.

maheen Kardar and Family


The woman we’ve fallen in love with over and over again for various personas in the public life, we love her also for being a loving wife and mother. Mehreen Raheel the protagonist in a list of Pakistani plays and even movies in addition to her more known roles plays the all important role of being a doting mother of a little toddler. Mehreen is inspiring for us in every possible way… for being a model, an actor, a mom (and we believe there is more good news headed our way) It is amazing how she’s balanced her life.

Mehreen Raheel Family


The original supermodel is also the mother of a supermodel in the making. Frieha Altaf is one of the faces that defined Pakistani fashion as it is today. In addition to being model herself, Frieha is the driving force behind once of the largest fashion event management firm, a model management consultancy and one of the largest fashion PR firms in the country, She is inspiring in every way one perceives fashion in Pakistan… She is fashion in Pakistan.

Frieha Altaf with Kids


Last but in no way the least is Meera Ansari. A model who has the world at her feet but has been so selective she always leaves us wanting more. Daughter of the famous Bushra Ansari, Meera has in no way been fazed by her mother’s aura and has established an identity for herself as a pioneering editorial model, most sought after by some of the leading brands in Pakistan. Her portfolio includes being the coveted face of Elan recently. Meera has been on a radar for being the epitome of ‘super cool’ while never compromising on her family. Here she pictured at the Louvre with her son Hadi, she is inspiring to women across Pakistan for balancing the best of both worlds.

Meera Ansari Family

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner