IVY Prints

 IVY, the latest entrant into the Pret a Porter and Luxury Pret a Porter market opened it’s doors to customers last month.  The name ‘Ivy’ is derived from the five pointed ivy leaf, to signify the five design partners of the brand. The forerunner to Ivy was SRS which was formed with three designers; Shazia Ammar, Riffat Kazi & Sehr Asher later IVY emerged as the last two Nazia Atif and Sadia Jawaad joined the collaboration.

The store is located on MM Alam road (right next to the Sania Maskatiya outlet) at Almas Towers. Keeping things fairly affordable, IVY offers it’s Pret a Porter range starting for as low as PKR 2500 (Semi Formals start at PKR 6000 and formals at PKR 13, 000). If you’re not the one for regular off the rack clothes, do explore IVY prints for a range or ready to wear Kurtas and Tops in Karandi, Khader , Silks and a whole lot more using block prints and other ‘not so run of the mill’ embellishments.

Just by the size of the turnout at the opening, we suspect its worth a visit for sure!


Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner