palatino; font-size: small;”>‘Bonjour, Je ne sais pas Francais, Pouvez-vous parler Anglais? Merci’

palatino; font-size: small;”>BlackBerry Travel Tip: FancyTran is perhaps one of the most highest rated ‘free’ translation applications on BlackBerry AppWorld. You do need to be connected to GPRS or Wifi but it comes in mighty handy when travelling to a non-English speaking country…

palatino; font-size: small;”>Second Day in Paris, started almost mid morning given our ‘very’ late stroll across the streets of Latin Quarters and Marais the night before. Now wiser since our near heat stroke the day before, we had checked the weather (which was fortunately cooler than the 34 the day before) and paced our day to accommodate an art lover who wanted to absorb all, a pregnant woman who couldn’t walk too much and a poor fresh graduate who had the misfortune of being stuck with the above two.

palatino; font-size: small;”>Day 2 was therefore divided into 3 parts, the Antique Market in the morning (mid morning) which was my whim, Pompidou in La Marais which was something Zub wanted to do and a visit to Sacre Coeur in Monmarte again something I wanted to do (poor Harry didn’t have much of a say in the matter).

Antiques Market: Marche aux Puces St-Ouen de Clignancourt as it is officially known you may (as we were) be a little thrown back by the very Thai Style flea market one has to cross to get to it.

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palatino; font-size: small;”>Antiques Market Tips: Unlike us, start early as a lot of shops close around lunch time, if you can (especially if you’re intending on shopping) take a guide or a tour with you. Interestingly, Discover Walks has a tour designed for the Market also…


palatino; font-size: small;”>I will therefore have to quote Zub’s account of the Museum mostly with sprinkles of my own and the highlights are:

  • palatino; font-size: small;”>The building itself is a piece of modern architecture worth a visit from outside even if you’re intending on being sluggish like me
  • palatino; font-size: small;”>I hope I can share some of Zub’s original images from her trip into the Museum in the coming days… once she gets back from Germany and I from London.

    Sacre Coeur, Monmartre:

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Mass before getting to the Church, no matter what faith you’re from, you do not want to miss the Mass at Sacre Coeur.

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J’aime Paris – Chapter 1