Sadaf Zarrar

We totally get it that our parents especially mothers belongs to a different generation and their kind intentions are to protect us from the judgmental, and gossip mongers especially as we reside in a society with very traditional views of how a “good girl” should be and how she should behave. With strong traditions, values and beliefs, it can be so tough going against norms followed by your parents, uncles, aunties,cousins and so and so’s daughter or  so and so’s son. So  you need not worry!

It is great to follow established customs and values. To many this might be the way things should have been done and they don’t see anyone to question, challenge or change it. But if you are thriving on your own to be true to yourself and genuine it can be a grueling battle to fight against scripts entrenched in your mind from a very young age. To an extent that even when you are eligible to be called an independent adult who should be making his/her own decisions, you still find yourself fixated working within boundaries and limitations of “what people will think of you”.

In this episode of life hacks we have you sorted. So what are you waiting for! Tune into your favorite YOUTUBE Channel Siddy Tv to get your hands on some practical and useful tips for managing your time productively. Every week Amna and I literally sit down and go through all your emails and pick the most FAQ. We then brainstorm the answers and decide on the most convenient and of use to you. We hope that you will find these tips handy and will see yourself in a better position to manage your tasks and time effectively.

If you have any suggestions or tips for us please leave them in the comment below. We will try our best to facilitate each one of you. Till next episode have fun and log into for your daily dose of fashion, lifestyle and much more.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
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