Sadaf Zarrar

Sadaf Zarrar

I love lists. So this hot uninspired night, I decided to write about something I won’t have to think too much about… ME! Here is a self indulgent little list, in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to.

eating // well within 1600 calories thanks to the android app ‘my fitness pal’ .

drinking // a little more water than usual thanks to the Lahore heat.

practising // photoshop.

mastering // the art of patience – slowly and steadily.

learning // the correct pronunciation of foreign language words I’ve spent a life time mispronouncing.

finishing // Game of Thrones. It takes a lot of dedication!

reading // blogs. especially Garance Dore.

enjoying // my toddler and her crazy antics.

listening // to a lot of radio since a valet nicked my aux cable.

walking // with really miserable posture since I haven’t been to the gym in eons.

eating // out almost every afternoon.

needing // to laugh till my stomach hurts.

wearing // kurtas, because nothing is better for Lahore summer.

cooking // more like ordering in.

wondering // about the future…

working // on the blog content, I have so many crazy ideas and too little time.

travelling // to London & Florence.

thinking // about somehow switching off sometime.

missing // a half. the wedding madness.

This post is inspired by Joy Felicity Jane & The DayBook Blog

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
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