Loca Mexican Lahore

Just grabbed a quick bite at Loca Mexican here in Lahore with the Husband and I have to say I’m mildly impressed. Having eaten at their fine dining before, I went along when Mr. Man recommended a quick Mexicano bite (yes, he lurvees his burritos).

If you’re a Salsa, Guacamole lover, this could be what you’ve been waiting for. (We don’t have another Mexican in Lahore do we?!) Well, I had a mild panic attack when I got there and found the restaurant empty. ‘What if I like the food but the restaurant closes because no one comes here’ – yep! Those are the kind of things I think NOT oh the restaurant is empty what if the food crap.

Well the good news for any lazy Mexican lovers who still haven’t checked it out is… The food is fine. Is it the best Burrito in the world? Perhaps not, but it does come close to being the Best Burrito in Town (Given that it’s the only one!) Aaanyway, I ended up having what they call a ‘ Loca Box’ for PKR 520 you get a box full of everything you’ll get in a Burrito (yeap pretty much like an open Burrito) and a drink and it tasted fine.

Mr. Man who’s more of a food critic said ‘The ingredients all tasted fine, mixing could be a bit better’. Do you find me complaining? Absolutely not, in fact I’d recommend checking Loca Mexican Lahore. Enjoy!

Loca Mexican Lahore

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner