Louboutin Nail Polish

Ok folks lets talk Louboutin . If you’ve been lusting over the shoes for god knows how long like I do, you will probably be excited to know that the Christian Louboutin has now stepped into the beauty market with Louboutin Nail Polish. Now if you didn’t know already, the gorgeous red sole that is now trademark Louboutin is also a ‘nail polish moment’ when he once realized that the one of his shoes wasn’t as colourful and attractive as it had seemed in his sketch and he grabbed an assistant’s jar of nail varnish to paint the bottom of the shoe red.


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The nail polishes which have a distinctly recognizable spikey bottle will come in three colour families: rouge, noir and nude. The first of the shades ‘Rouge Louboutin’ has been exclusively launched at Saks Fifth Avenue and the rest will be made available in late August. Eventually, Louboutin lovers will be able to enjoy a total of 30 shades in total for about 50 dollars a piece. Not exactly for the ‘budget shopper’ the nail polish also comes with a 55 dollar essential care kit.

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Louboutin Nail Polish Louboutin Nail Polish

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner