Juju Haider In Toni & Guy, Islamabad


You must know by now that I have been dying to share my brand new haircut (Courtesy: Juju Haider ) with the world and you probably also know I have been itching to get my hair short for sometime … Well after a bit of a ‘should I shouldn’t I’ I did upload a messy crappy picture of mine on instagram and which got rave reviews and made me think, ‘who am I to hide the Magic of Juju Haider from the world!’…

As a consequence, here’s a photo feature on my new cut… supremely self indulgent but then what the hell you only get one life! Enjoy.

Toni & Guy, </script> Islamabad

Well if you do not know (how can you not know) Juju was the Style Director at Toni & Guy Lahore and is now going to be steering the ship with Shammal Qureshi at the soon to open Toni & Guy, Islamabad (The largest Toni & Guy Salon in the world!!!). Yes please ladies and gentlemen, the salon has been taking appointments already but the official opening is on the 21st and while I’m a tad bit sad that Juju has had to move to Islamabad for her Brand New Salon, Islamabad isn’t all that far away (after all I did manage to find her there – where there is a will, there’s a way)

Islamabad Toni & Guy


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Written by Sadaf Zarrar
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