Mehvish Khan Lahore

It’s not often you go to a store opening and say ‘phew thank God I made it’… UMM Yes! That’s exactly how I felt despite the sweltering heat. Mehvish Khan’s store is a delight and while she has been designing for sometime (make that some years) she’s opened a store now so the whole ‘through appointment only’ is history – Well she IS still taking appointments BUT her store has four distinct racks – A Shadi type full of heavy duty kaam wala stuff, Formal desi evening wear, Pret a Porter kurtas and my favourite a western Pret a Porter rack.

The prices are surprisingly affordable compared to the other brands… you could probably pull of a head to toe Western look within 10k. Loved the gorgeous colourful skirts spot on trend and some super cute crop tops. I loved Mehvish’s take on the motif’s too – not your usual phool booties and I have a feeling that Mahvish’s clothes will very soon be distinctly recognizable if they aren’t already.

I highly recommend a visit to the store for some fresh perspective on clothes.


Mehvish Khan’s Lahore Outlet Opening & PR was managed by Aamir Mazhar Savvy PR.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner