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I am not one of those people who wake up looking like a million dollars. Honestly, in addition to NOT being a morning person, I am not a person in the mornings either. I’m just a mess. I wake up grubby, cranky and wanting another hour of sleep always and that shows on my face. The journey between me the grouch and me bright and chirpy is a nice long shower and a five minute beauty routine. The person you normally see… the happy, chatty one?!? That only comes to life after these two daily rituals are fulfilled.

For you all today, I share my five minute morning beauty routine.


The first step after a good wash of course is moisturizing. I normally  use Kiehl’s Anti Wrinkle Day Cream but I’m doing the #NewMe regime for 5 weeks so it’s LOreal Revitalift LaserX3 these days. Apparently we’re supposed to moisturize our face in small upward circles… I forget that every day!!

I also use an under eye cream for the last 6 months or so now… I realized it’s time to start being kind to myself.

Five Minute Face Sadaf Zarrar Step 1


This is when the transformation actually starts taking place. I use Chanel’s Vitalumiere loose powder, in addition to removing the shine you get from the moisturizer it also evenly covers up any discolouration of skin and spots quite naturally… I personally prefer powder for the day as it’s fuss free and isn’t too obvious. I use YSL Touche Eclact to cover dark circles and any other unwanted marks and spots.
Five Minute Face Sadaf Zarrar Step 5


I have what you may call very oriental eyes. Essentially they’re pretty small and in the mornings even smaller. If I don’t put my eye liner and mascara in the morning, I could go on looking like I’m half asleep all day long. I use a MAC liner and a LOreal Mascara religiously.

Five Minute Face Sadaf Zarrar Step 6


I am not a very ‘blush on’ person but I do use Bobbi Browns bronzing powder to contour my cheek bones. I have a severe double chin complex which I cover up by making my cheek bones more pronounced.

Five Minute Face Sadaf Zarrar Step 8


I love my bright coloured lipsticks but those are normally for the evening. Since I go to a fairly conservative office every morning, I prefer a light tint. This Dior gloss is my go to these days followed closely by a terracotta-ish Bodyshop gloss.

Five Minute Face Sadaf Zarrar Step 9

The result is that only my poor husband is exposed to the morning me and I get to pose and pout for cameras, selfies and what not all day pretending I was born like this 🙂 Hope this little sharing of my best kept secrets helps you in whatever way. Much Love! xx

Sadaf Zarrar

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