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With PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015 just a few days away, we sat down with Moeed Yousaf & Faryal Aftab of MUSE to talk about the global and local fashion calendars, the role of fashion weeks and most importantly ‘Discipline & Drama’ MUSE’s collection for PSFW 2015.

Moeed Yousaf & Faryal Aftab

Starting with basics, what are Fashion Weeks? What benefit do they have for design houses?

Fashion weeks allow designers to showcase their latest collections in runway shows.  The major benefit primarily is that buyers and media get to take a close look at these collections and trends.

How many fashion weeks are held in a calendar year? How are they organized?

There are only 4 fashion weeks that matter, New York, London, Milan, and Paris, and they are each held twice a year, for Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. They are all organized by the respective fashion councils of each country.

Having participated in Pakistan Fashion Weeks since your brand’s inception, do you see similar benefits here locally?

Pakistan fashion weeks are still young, and only attract local attention. Over time we hope that we will see international interest, and some of the same benefits as global fashion weeks.

Does the perceived success of a fashion collection correlate to the success or sales? Is it different locally and globally?

There is very little correlation between perceived success and increased sales. Increased sales depend on many other factors. That is the same locally and globally.

MUSE Lahore

Given that the key benefit of the local fashion weeks is more media exposure and publicity than finding buyers, do you think it’s worth the effort?

MUSE already makes seasonal collections and look-books for our international stockists, so for us there is no extra effort involved.

Your brand has been hailed by journos and bloggers for it’s great potential, yet there seems to be an eagerness to see ‘something new’. Given that all international design houses have a signature aesthetic and style, what really is ‘something new’ for you personally.

We are always very excited to work on “something new” for each collection, whether it is to design a new skirt, work with a different fabric, or work with new embellishment. However, the end result will always be the MUSE aesthetic, because we have a strong and distinct idea of what is beautiful. Just like a Valentino dress always will always look like a Valentino dress no matter what the material or what the season. Just like a Picasso will always look like a Picasso.

Italian and French fabrics are very expensive to source and then sell. Does MUSE see sensibility and profit in this?

MUSE loves dressing women in a sophisticated, and unique way so that she feels beautiful. The vision demands that we source the most luxurious fabrics and accessories. It is imperative to go about business in a way that is true to your heart. The revenue always follows.

Tell us about ‘Discipline and Drama’ this year?

Discipline and Drama is about the opposite sides to a woman’s personality. There is calm and there is turmoil. There is love and restraint, serenity and volatility. It is this dichotomy that plays out in our upcoming collection.

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner