Sadaf Zarrar

palatino;”>My Fashion Week Style Day2 was visualized and put together by Faryal Aftab, The Creative Director at MUSE in Lahore. It’s no secret that I absolutely lurvee this Brand. When you go MUSE, you go Luxe. It’s as simple or complicated as that. There are obviously some statement looks that have become associated with them over time and flowy fabric is one of them which is why when Faryal proposed this look initially I was a tad bit on the fence but as Moeed said in one of the recent interviews ‘Faryal’s got the eye, I trust her instinct’… I am pretty glad I did too. Here is my MUSE Red Carpet style. 

palatino; font-size: small;”>MUSE RED CARPET STYLE – Day 2.

palatino;”>My look for Day2 was different. It was all the glamour that MUSE brings but isn’t available on the rack. Faryal designed the look to be worn by a ‘Fashion Editor’ (how supremely flattered am I about that!!) ‘The sequined top makes it perfect for an evening out where as the pencil skirt with the cinched waist is right for a sophisticated confident woman.’ Says Faryal. The jacket was the final touch which brought it all together. 

palatino;”> Sadaf Zarrar MUSE Red carpet style

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
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