Autumn 2014 Trends

MUSE just uploaded an album and I couldn’t help but share the images with you here. You see I will take blind credit for always raving about the brand and while you’re probably a tad bit OD-ed on hearing me go on and on, you have to understand ‘They are one of the VERY FEW brands” in Pakistan that actually follow (read: stay ahead) of global trends.

Cloud Print ? Well this year they’re beating their own standards. Check this out as MUSE takes on Global Trends… Saint Laurent Autumn 2014 and The collection MUSE showed in Paris over the Summer have something in common. See for yourself!

palatino;”>- The Founder and Managing Director of MUSE, Moeed Yousaf is Business Graduate from INSEAD unlike most design houses in Pakistan that are founded by Designers.
palatino;”>- MUSE has presented at every PFDC Fashion Week since it’s inception, growing and evolving as a Brand with a distinct sophisticate and chic direction.
PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week

Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner