palatino;”>Some years back when i started doing Art of Living, it all was very new and sounded a little too yogic for my corporate being. However, over the years, while I never managed to become an Art of Living regular, I did take a few things away from it… The concept of Prana being one of them. It’s actually pretty simple when you break it down – eliminate the negatives, build on the positives. While it still may seem a little complicated, I thought I’d show you a glimpse of my backyard, known amongst my near and dear as my Magic Garden.

palatino;”>Today, we have fairy lights around the trees at night, a beautiful swing, a small but happy vegetable patch, dangling wind chimes and a house for the bright yellow chair set which is older than my husband :)) I’ll try adding a few more pictures of the other side of the garden we have a pebble patch and beautiful flowering vines. While the Garden is no where close to where it will be in a few years, it is our happy place and evolves as we live on in the house.


Written by Sadaf Zarrar
Founding Partner