Never have I seen the term “laid off” more frequently than I see it nowadays. COVID-19 is hitting us hard. A lot of people have lost their jobs and many more are at stake of losing their means of earning.

While this may turn you off, which is understandable, there is more to it. Leaving a job might seem like an ordeal at first but things have another side too. Look at yourself all revamped and seasoned! A revised CV, skills added,  experiences updated, and a more vigorous approach to getting what you want and even better post corona times.

To lend you a hand in this tough time here are the prime 5 tips you can manipulate to rock at any interview.


Take the company as a person you are going to commit for the long term. Before you go and see them know all you can. Resources are Google, Linkedin, Twitter, the company’s website, blog, and most importantly word of mouth.

Whatever you choose make sure to know about what a company is doing, their moto, and likes, how they’ve build themselves and probably talk to someone who might be working there especially if you have a personal reference.


It is important to go through the given job description in particular and get to know what an organization is looking for. Every brand/company has designed a JD according to the position’s needs, so don’t hesitate to look it up even and see what the trends are.


It’s common to go into an interview with the perspective of being judged, asked questions, and being vulnerable but do you know that you too need to ask the questions. Asking questions when given the opportunity or by the end of the interview is a very right thing to do. You can inquire about

  • company’s expectations
  • bring attention to any specific needs or ideas that you might have
  • go ahead with anything that intrigues you


Sure an interview is basically about you and how you sell your skills to the potential employer, make sure to choose the right words. You don’t want to babble and end up with your foot in your mouth, think before you speak. Sometimes you know that an interview is going to go on a while, so pick on those subtle hints and end things on a wise note. Don’t suck up to them, but do tell them that you are passionate about the XYZ position and are very much excited about the prospect of being a part of their team.


While being dressed professionally and confidence is mandatory overdoing things might backfire, here are a few pointers that I follow:

  • Avoid being glib
  • Do not shake hands too vigorously
  • Say no to lots of makeup and plan your outfit a night before because you want to set a good first impression.
  • Present yourself well, the best way you can, but keep it real and BE ON TIME
  • Besides these keep in mind the mandatory stuff like have a printed resume handy (a few copies), smell good, maintain a friendly body language, do not spill negative comments about the previous employer. In short, be nice!

Good luck…